Should Patriotic Americans Celebrate Independence Day Under the Fascist Trump Regime?

President Donald Trump celebrated Independence Day by golfing and setting of an explosion of incendiary tweets, in which he lied about President Barack Obama secretly granting citizenship to thousands of Iranians as part of the nuclear disarmament negotiations, called a congresswoman crazy and corrupt, and for good measure misspelled “Independence Day.”

But how should patriotic Americans celebrate the Fourth of July under the Trump regime that`s declared war on the institutions and principles that we celebrate on this uniquely American holiday, namely freedom of the press, an independent judiciary, and welcoming immigrants with love?

It`s hardly surprising that according to Gallup fewer than half of adults, 47 percent, call themselves extremely proud to be an American.

I`m not feeling very patriotic, would it be a sham to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks, knowing that Trump has made America a pariah in the international community?

America will survive the infestation of the criminal Trump family and his enablers in Congress, and with a view towards the future I will celebrate Independence Day!

But at the same time I will continue to denounce Trump`s fascist and racist policies, and this essay is proof that the fireworks and revelry of this holiday won`t distract me from fighting the evil Trump regime.

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