Robot Prints and Burns Donald Trump’s Tweets, Sends Him Video! I Love Robots!

“A robot quickly growing a viral following on Twitter is dedicated to one job: Printing President Donald Trump`s tweets, burning them, and tweeting video of the process back to the president.

The Twitter account, @burnedyourtweet, stars a robot programmed to print out tweets from the president`s @realdonaldtrump account, burn them in an ashtray, film the process, and then tweets the videos to Trump with the message: I burned your tweet.”


If only Trump`s tweets existed only in printed form, and they could be destroyed in a bonfire. Unfortunately, Trump tweets exist in a digital format, and they are indestructible. His odious tweets will live forever, causing discord and division for generations to come.

Who is the mystery engineer behind this project?

I first thought “it must be a Trump critic seeking to discredit and embarrass his administration,” but maybe it`s a Trump supporter desperately attempting to shame the president from tweeting. After all, it may very well be a tweet that leads to Trump`s downfall. The “I” word has already been mentioned in the press after Trump posted a tweet falsely accusing Barack Obama of committing a felony by wiretapping Trump Tower.

The best case scenario is that Trump will post a tweet that`s so incendiary that it will lead to his impeachment, but it`s also possible that one of his inflammatory tweets will trigger nuclear Armageddon.

I wish a patriot would break into the White House (How difficult can that be considering the Secret Service resembles the Keystone Kops?), and breaks Trump`s tiny hands with a ruler when he attempts to tweet.

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