Donald Trump Jr. Owns Michael Moore! He Cuts the Fat Loudmouth Down to Size!

“As the rest of the nation prayed and waited to see what the storm would do just after Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas, dumping 33 trillion gallons of rain onto the U.S., and causing massive floods that killed 70 people, left wing activist Michael Moore and others decided to play politics. On Twitter, Moore asked if Mar-a-Lago, President Trump`s resort would be opened as a shelter for Irma victims.”


The liberal firebrand tweeted: Has he opened up Mar-a-Lago yet?

Donald Trump Jr. responded:

It`s on an island on both the ocean & intercostal and in a mandatory evacuation zone… probably not the best idea, but you know, narrative.

Let me preface my remarks by stating that Junior is as reprehensible as his old man, he proves the adage that the turd doesn`t fall far from the ass.

During Trump`s nascent presidential campaign, most people said “Trump may be a buffoon, a racist and an egomaniac, but at least he raised his children to be respected members of society.” The behavior of Trump`s children, especially his sons, during the campaign and during Trump`s first few months in office has demonstrated that they are as profane and vile as their father.

But credit must be given where credit is due, Junior absolutely eviscerated that fat piece of crap with his reply.

Joel Osteen was ripped apart on social media when he refused to open his megachurch to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey, and Moore thought he would Osteen Donald Trump. But Junior cut that fat loudmouth down to size.

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Miss Texas Margana Wood Condemned White Supremacy Better Than Donald Trump Ever Has

At the Miss America pageant Houston`s 22-year-old Margana Wood was asked about the president`s response to the recent White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

People editor Jess Cagle inquired: The president said there was shared blame with very fine people on both sides. Were there? Tell me yes or no and explain.

The Texas beauty responded: I think that the white supremacist issue … it was very obvious that it was a terrorist attack. I think that President Donald Trump should have made a statement earlier addressing that fact and making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the number one issue right now.

Beauty pageant contestants are infamous for their vacuous answers to simple questions. Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, Caitlin Upton, went viral for her incomprehensible answer to the question:

“Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can`t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?

Link to video:

When a beauty pageant contestant is asked a question, regardless of the topic, she will usually allude to World Peace, and mention how much she loves puppies and butterflies.

But Wood, with only a few seconds to formulate her answer, gave a clear and concise answer to the question that President Donald Trump totally botched. Wood didn`t need a TelePrompTer and a team of advisers to condemn white supremacy in no uncertain terms.

We should impeach the 71-year-old buffoon Donald Trump and replace him with the 22-year-old beauty Margana Wood.

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Should You Let Your Dog Lick You?

“Dogs lick us because they love us, but should we love their kisses?

There are more than 700 different types of bacteria in a dog`s mouth – and that`s just normal bacteria (it doesn`t count the rotting ham sandwich Fido found on his morning walk). So, that saying about a dog`s mouth being clean is rubbish.

Veterinarians Will Draper and Francoise Tyler, Web MD contributors from The Village Vets practices in Atlanta, Ga., say there are two reasons to be concerned: One, if a dog licks someone who has a weak immune system (like those with cancer) or two, if the dog has a medical condition that could spread.

There`s also a more obvious reason you might not want a smooch from your pooch, and that is: They put a lot of nasty stuff in their mouth.


There`s nothing more heartwarming than watching a puppy lick a child, or a grown man kiss his pooch.

But in a society where every product has a warning label, some germaphobes are warning dog lovers that exchanging smooches with Fido is unsanitary and potentially dangerous.

I realize that unlike cats dogs don`t have a cleanliness fetish, they will greedily eat any rotting piece of meat they find during their daily walk, and they have a penchant for licking their nether regions.

But when my dog licks me when I come home from work, his demonstrative affection for me overwhelms any concerns I may have about what else he may have been licking.

When a man kisses a prostitute the last thing on his mind is what other creep she has been kissing, a dog owner`s love for his pet is stronger than the lust that a John has for a prostitute.

I don`t care if my pooch, Mandy, has 700 different types of bacteria in her mouth, a kiss from her is a tonic that fortifies me from life`s trials and tribulations.

Life is too short: Kiss your pooch!

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Donald Trump’s Creepy Relationship With Ivanka

“Donald Trump was branded nauseating and creepy after he referred to his daughter Ivanka as honey during a speech in North Dakota.

The U.S. president was delivering a speech at a tax reform event when he invited his daughter up on stage, calling her `honey` as he told how she was desperate to visit the U.S. state alongside him on Wednesday.

He told crowds he liked of the way Ivanka called him `daddy` when the 35-year-old businesswoman asked to join him for the trip.”

Inviting his daughter up on stage, Mr. Trump said: “Sometimes they`ll say he can`t be that bad of a guy – look at Ivanka. Come on up, honey. She`s so good.


Donald Trump has always enjoyed an intimate, some would say perverted, relationship with his daughter Ivanka.

We can`t forget, regardless how hard we try, the creepy September 2016 photograph depicting a 15-year-old Ivanka grinding on the lap of her father during a Beach Boys concert.

During a TV interview on The View in 2006 Donald Trump said: If Ivanka weren`t my daughter, perhaps I`d be dating her.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Trump demonstrated a tendency to let his tiny hand slip to his daughter`s backside while introducing her on stage.

Trump`s inordinate affection for his daughter hasn`t dimmed, as his behavior toward her during a recent speech in North Dakota proved.

America is nauseated by everything that Trump says or does, but especially by his creepy relationship with Ivanka.

So The Donald likes being called “Daddy?” I hope Mr. T pimps slaps the Orange Buffoon, and asks him “Who`s your daddy?” until he cries out “You`re my daddy.”

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Hodge the Famous Bookstore Cat

It`s tradition for independent book stores to employ a cat as a mascot, enter the search term “bookstore cat” on YouTube and you will get dozens of hits.

Hodge the Bookstore Cat`s domain is a used-book and sheet-music emporium on the South side of Chicago. He`s an institution in the Windy City, and two works of fiction have been inspired by his glorious career, “The Secret Life of Hodge, the Bookstore Cat” and “Hodge Sings Again.”

Unfortunately, the bookstore where Hodge works has shut its doors due to declining sales, but his celebrity hasn`t waned. Hodge is featured in the new book “Bookstore Cats,” and his videos still go viral.

We can learn two things from Hodge`s story:

Within a generation bookstores, especially independent bookstores, will be as difficult to find as a Blockbuster video store. Digital media is rendering bookstores, and even libraries, obsolete.

The popularity of cats will never diminish, when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives we will be clutching a shotgun with one hand to fend off zombies, and holding our beloved cat with the other.

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Vladimir Putin: Donald Trump is Not My Bride

“Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed a question about U.S. President Donald Trump at a news conference Tuesday, refusing to comment on U.S. political affairs and distancing himself from the American leader.

Trump is “not my bride, and, likewise, I am neither his bride nor bridegroom. We are statesmen,” Putin told reporters, according to a translation by Reuters.”

Huffington Post

Donald Trump`s bromance with Vladimir Putin has lasted twice as long as the average Kardashian relationship, and if those two lovebirds ever consummate their romance, and if a video of their unholy tryst emerges it would break, nay shatter the Internet.

But it appears that Putin is having second thoughts about their love affair, the Russian president insisted that Trump is not his bride.

Putin was engaging in diplomatic speak, this is what he was really saying: Oh hell to the no, Trump ain`t my main squeeze, he`s just a side bitch. He`ll be lucky if I give him an industrial size jar of Vaseline as a parting gift.

Trump`s ardor however hasn`t waned, he`s still madly in love with the man who won him the election.

If Putin wants to get rid of his fatal attraction, he should gift Trump a couple of Russian prostitutes whose specialty is Golden Showers.

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Tyler Perry and Joel Osteen Deserve to Spend Eternity Together in Hell

“Atlanta film and television mogul Tyler Perry is the focus of a new Care2 petition is asking him not follow through with a plan to donate $250,000 to Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen to help with hurricane relief efforts.

Osteen was widely criticized on social media for being slow to open the doors of the 16,000-seat Lakewood Church to victims seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey flooding. Perry, who considers Joel and Victoria Osteen friends, has said he will donate $1 million to relief efforts, a quarter of which will go to Osteen`s ministry to help buy supplies and other relief efforts.

The petition has gathered more than 6,800 signatures.”


Tyler Perry is an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, songwriter, and a born-again Christian. Perry`s signature character is Madea, a tough elderly black woman played in drag by Perry himself.

Christians who would run to the opposite side of the road to avoid interacting with a real transgender woman can`t get enough of the Madea movies.

Tyler`s movies are very popular with mainstream audiences, but they are reviled by most African American artists. Spike Lee dismisses Perry`s work as “coonery buffoonery.”

Joel Osteen is a Prosperity Gospel televangelist who has made a fortune taking advantage of the elderly and the easily deceived.

It`s not surprising that a billionaire actor and director with no discernable talent would become fast friends with a multimillionaire televangelist with no discernable spiritual gifts. Birds of a feather …

The $250,000 that Perry donated to Osteen to help with hurricane relief efforts should be enough for the Osteens` yearly supply of Botox.

If there`s a God in heaven, these booty buddies will burn forever in hell.

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Donald Trump’s Dreadful DACA Decision

Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Donald Trump (who was too cowardly to make the announcement himself) has ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which gives work permits to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States a children, along with protection from possible deportation.

DACA won`t be rescinded for six months, ostensibly to give Congress enough time to write legislation to save the dreamers. But the racist Trump knows damn well that such a bill will never pass through the House of Representatives that`s controlled by hardline Republicans.

Trump`s racist, cowardly and evil action has been roundly condemned from all quarters

There have been a million and one tweets condemning Trump`s DACA decision, but I want to highlight this one:

“It`s incredible to me that you`ll pardon a man who is known for running his prison as a Latino concentration camp and call him a patriot, but then deport kids with a dream to be successful citizens with safe lives. You disgust me.”

Tweet from Fifth Harmony`s Lauren Jauregui

I couldn`t agree more with Jauregui`s tweet, Trump has proven with his words and his actions that he hates Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. He disgusts me.

Trump claims that he wants to build a wall to protect Americans from Mexican rapists and criminals, but the DACA young adults are college graduates, entrepreneurs, and hardworking citizens who are making the communities they live in a better place.

Trump is physically, intellectually and spiritually disgusting; I disagree with his political ideology but my reaction to him is primal and visceral: I want to tear out his heart and smash it before his dying eyes.

Trump you disgust me, and this Latino blogger will continue to write editorials exposing your racism, buffoonery and sheer incompetence until you are removed from office, one way or another.

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How Do We Cope With the Obscenity Known as Donald Trump?

“When Tina Fey introduced `sheet-caking` to the world, she spoke a truth that many of us have been reluctant to admit. In her most recent `Saturday Night Live` skit, Fey gorges on sheet cake while discussing the malevolent resurgence of Nazism in America, President Donald Trump`s own disturbing attitude toward right-wing extremism and the cowardice exhibited by Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan. By the time `Weekend Update` co-host Michael Che decides to join her in shoveling cake into his own mouth, anyone with a soul can understand why.

Like Fey, many very fine people across the land have turned to their junk food vices for comfort since the election of Trump. The DoorDash food delivery service saw a 90 percent increase in orders from liquor stores, a 79 percent increase in cupcake orders and a 50 percent increase in orders from wine bars on Election Day and the days after, MarketWatch reported.”

When I go to sleep I pray that I will awaken in an alternate universe, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lost the election, and President Bernie Sanders` steady hand is at the helm presiding over a nation making strides toward a more perfect union.

But when I wake up and turn on CNN, cold reality hits me in the face when I hear about Trump`s latest idiotic tweet.

According to the multiverse theory of physics there`s an infinite number of universes, and we are cursed to live in the universe where Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

How do we cope with this horrendous truth? I`m not down with gorging on sheet-cake, unless there`s also a giant stash of weed next to the damn cake.

I can understand citizens turning to sheet-cake, weed, cocaine, alcohol or permissive sex to cope with the abomination known as Donald Trump.

But on a serious level, we must be sober-minded to fight Donald Trump until he`s impeached, forced to resign or removed from office via the 25th amendment.

We can`t get rid of Trump by hacking the Matrix, or relying on prayer alone, we must write editorials, march in protest, and write letters to our senators and congressmen and congresswomen until we rid ourselves of this obscenity.

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Let’s Pray Joel Osteen Won’t Survive Hurricane Harvey Scandal

Joel Osteen was back behind the podium on Sunday after belatedly opening his megachurch to the survivors of the Hurricane Harvey flooding.

His sermonette/motivational speech/Prosperity Gospel message usually lasts 30 minutes, but the unrelenting backlash that`s been heaped on him on social media must have quenched his spirit, the plastic smile was still omnipresent but he managed to deliver only a six-minute speech.

Osteen`s Sunday service at Lakewood Church, attracted only a couple of thousand true believers, down from the usual crowd of 16,000. I`m an optimist, and I believe that it`s not only the chaos caused by the flooding but also disgust at Osteen`s un-Christian spirit that depressed the turnout.

For the umpteenth time since Osteen shut the doors of his church to the desperate Harvey survivors he attempted to justify himself. He even compared himself to the Biblical David, citing Psalms 35: I am attacked by people I don`t even know. “David, I feel your pain, and you didn`t have social media, David.”

Osteen has proved by his failure to minister to the people of Houston that he`s not a Christian, and truth be told he`s no David either. Osteen can best be compared to the heathen Goliath, he is the head of an evangelical empire that rakes in millions every week by deceiving the foolish and the desperate.

We can only hope and pray that Osteen won`t survive this scandal, and that he will never again attract crowds of 16,000.

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