Stable Genius Donald Trump Misspells His Own Name

“Comedian Jimmy Kimmel recognized Donald Trump as the first ever American president to spell his own name wrong at the opening of Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

To illustrate his point, the ABC host showed his audience a Tuesday morning tweet from Trump in which the president claimed Google was trying to make him look bad. In that tweet, Trump’s name was spelled ‘Ttump.'”

New York Daily News

It’s not exactly breaking news when Donald Trump misspells a word, a dyslectic five-year-old boy high on cough syrup could write a more coherent tweet than the stable genius. 

We’re all drowning in the grammar-impaired stream-of-consciousness cesspool that is Trump’s Twitter feed, but he’s the Leader of the Free World and we’re compelled to monitor his account.

Imagine if Trump’s name was Zbigniew Brzezinski, he’d have to refer to his social security card or drivers license everytime he was required to write his name.

The fucking moron misspelled his name in a tweet in which he claimed Google was trying to make him look bad. Trump makes himself look bad everytime he tweets or speaks.

You’d think a megalomaniac who puts his name on almost every property he owns and every products that he sells would never misspell his name.

Mike Pence is an Evangelical Christian, and That’s Real Scary

“I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”
Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence is an evangelical Christian. This shouldn’t be perceived as a badge of honor, but as a warning to anyone, in this pluralistic democracy, who isn’t a white Christian male. Pence sharpens his dogma into a spear, and brandishes it to strike fear in the hearts of unbelievers. He loves only those who look like him, think like him and hate like him. If the swarthy bearded Jesus of the Gospels walked into Pence’s church, he would instruct one of the ushers to kick him to the curb.

Pence is a Christian first and foremost and he will align himself politically with anyone who will advance his religious agenda. That’s why he had no qualms about becoming the running mate of a life-long Democrat who ran as a Republican only because his racist rhetoric would only be tolerated in the GOP. As long as Donald Trump remains faithful to the evangelical anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-women’s rights program, Pence will remain his steadfast defender and supporter.

Pence reverently nods along with whatever insane racist, profane or even blasphemous remark escapes from Trump’s sphincter-like mouth. Every politician wishes he had a bobble head mannequin that always agreed with him. Whenever Trump dehumanizes immigrants of color, mocks the physical appearance of women or insults a war hero, there’s Pence nodding by his side, in essence giving his blessing to his boss’s evil words and actions.

Pence is a Christian, a white evangelical Christian, and there are millions just like him who secretly wish America was a theocracy, and the leader of their theocracy would be a tyrant who would make Donald Trump look like Mahatma Gandhi.

Mike Pence Should Spend Less Time on His Knees and More Time Helping the Needy

“Mr. Pence said that as a politician he faces a lot of attacks, and had several pieces of advice.
‘No. 1 is, spend more time on your knees than on the Internet,’ he said.”

The Washington Times

Vice President Mike Pence faces a lot of criticism, not simply in his capacity as an officeholder, but because he’s a spineless politician who remains silent in the face of his boss’s blatant racism, misogyny and homophobia. If Pence manned up and spoke truth to power he wouldn’t be so universally disliked.

I’m not going to accept advice from such a weak and ineffectual man, therefore I won’t analyze all his several pieces of advice. I will only discuss the prescription he mentioned first:
Spend more time on your knees than on the internet.

No one doubts that Pence spends a lot of time on his knees, the problem is that he spends a lot of time on his knees servicing Trump, instead of seeking divine wisdom.

It’s not a binary choice between being on your knees, whether in prayer to God or in servicing Trump, or being online. Pence would be well-advised to broaden his horizons and spend less time on his knees and more time reading the works of Martin Luther King Jr., volunteering at food kitchens, visiting immigrant communities, and yes going on the internet to preach a message of tolerance, acceptance, unity and love.

The Tiny Pricks Project Pricks Donald Trump

Donald Trump has posted thousands of racist, homophobic and misogynist tweets since assuming office, and patriots have responded in kind on Twitter or by writing blistering editorials eviscerating the racist-in -chief.

But Diana Weymar, a textile artist, has answered back by stitching quotes from the fucking moron onto vintage doilies. She’s weaponized the doily by using placing Trump’s outrageous and profane quotes in wholesome doilies.

Doilies make any dining room feel grandma-friendly, and engender feelings of goodwill; how can you trade barbs around the dinner table when there’s a lace doily under your plate with a hackneyed phrase? But how will friends and family react when they see Trump’s tweets on a doily?

Weymar’s work has turned into a public art project called the Tiny Pricks Project, many artists have created their own doilies featuring Trump’s quotes, and they are on display at a New York City called Lingua Franca.

Tiny Pricks! Get it? Trump is a prick with a little prick who compensates for his tiny manhood by constantly pricking people with bigoted and obscene comments.

View Weymar’s artistry at:

Enough Already! Nancy Pelosi Must Impeach Donald Trump!

Over two years into the racist, sexist, corrupt and homophobic Trump administration Democrats have reached an important milestone on their path toward impeaching the racist-in-chief.

The milestone is that 118 House Democrats – half their caucus – have called for the start of an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

But the milestone is meaningless because the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is determined to slow walk and kill the impeachment drive for politically expedient reasons.

Pelosi who recalls firsthand the backlash to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton is hoping that an interminable and methodical step-by-step process focused on obstruction of justice will fool the Democratic base into thinking that she’s serious about impeachment.

Pelosi is mistaken, impeaching Trump won’t guarantee his reelection in 2020. Impeaching the racist will infuriate his base, but it won’t expand it. They are already committed to voting for him in 2020, who care’s if they get their panties in a twist?

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler should grow some testicles, defy Pelosi and being an impeachment inquiry without her blessing.

Enough is enough! Impeach him already!

Circle of Racism: Trump, His Base, Avowed Racists and White Nationalist Terrorists

The racist-in-chief’s administration is infested with White Nationalists and alt-right apologists. Trump traffics in racist tropes and stirs up his base with inflammatory rhetoric and dog whistles.

The bigoted buffoon claims he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, but tellingly his administration is supported by avowed racists.

The fucking moron’s white evangelical supporters worship a blond blue-eyed surfer dude Jesus and look askance at any person of color who wanders into their churches. They worship their fake blond Messiah who preaches a message of intolerance that’s antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.

Trump and his army of silently complicit Republican leaders, and white evangelical sycophants have emboldened the guy who lives next to you to be openly hostile to immigrants and people of color.

This racism has permeated our culture and emboldened dyed-in-the-wool racists to commit mass murder in the name of White Nationalism.

Trump is responsible for the El Paso mass shooting.

Spineless Republican congressional leaders are responsible for the El Paso mass shooting.

White evangelicals who unflinchingly support a racist president are responsible for the El Paso abomination.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who obstinately refuses to impeach the racist-in-chief is responsible for the El Paso massacre.

If you haven’t denounced the racist occupant of the White House, you are also culpable.

White Evangelicals are Complicit With Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia and Nativism

To be a member of a white evangelical church is to be complicit with racism, misogyny, homophobia and nativism.

White Evangelicals embrace Trump’s racist slogan “Make America Great Again”, they pine for a bygone homogenized society where people of color live outside the gate in their ghettos.

They believe in a patriarchal society where women are second class citizens, obey their husbands, and are the primary caretakers of the children.

Evangelicals believe gays and lesbians are children of a lesser God, and intrinsically unfit to be a part of their congregation. From their warped interpretation of the Bible they conclude that homosexuality is the greatest sin, and if these zealots ever succeed in turning our democracy into a theocracy, they would put gays and lesbians to death.

Evangelicals are infected with nativism and they look down on immigrants and refugees as descendants of Cain. They ignore the many passages in Scripture that command believers to treat strangers with respect and dignity.

In short, the white evangelical Christian faith tradition is antithetical to genuine Christianity. I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, but I shun the evangelical label, and everything it represents.

I am not going to welcome white evangelicals back into the fold until they forsake their false Messiah, and once again embrace the humility, peace, and love of Jesus Christ.

John Legend: Donald Trump is a Flaming Racist and POS

Our president is a flaming racist. He’s a piece of shit. He says piece-of-shit shit all the time. That’s what he does. We need to get him out of office. We need to focus on making all of our communities better instead of talking shit about communities just because you’re a racist prick.

John Legend

The “All of Me” singer uttered these words when asked to comment of Trump’s racist and demeaning tweet about Rep. Elijah Cummings and the city that he represents, Baltimore.

When the president of the United States calls a predominantly black city “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess, and claims that “no human would want to live there”, there’s only one way a patriot can respond to such a racist diatribe, with sheer disgust and outrage.

Legend is spot on, nothing but excrement emanates from the racist-in-chief’s sphincter-shaped mouth, and his little fingers type nothing but crap on Twitter. You can’t expect a steaming pile of feces to permeate a room with a fragrant scent, when you stumble on such an abomination, you’re going to utter an expletive, hold your nose and quickly walk away.

To his credit, the R & B legend reevaluated his words in a Twitter Post: “I want to apologize for calling POTUS a POS this week. I was mistaken. At least excrement has a useful biological function.”

Indeed! Excrement has a useful biological function, whereas the piece of shit in the White House has no socially redeeming value. Trump will only have a useful function if when he dies, his corpse is put through a meat grinder, and used as fertilizer.

Demographics and the Moral Arc of the Universe That Bends Toward Justice Spells Doom for Trump’s Racism

It seems that in a nanosecond we went from the dreams of Obama’s post-racial America to the dystopian nightmare of Trump’s White Nationalist administration. Hope and change have devolved into despair and the same old bigotry, and people of color have never felt so disenfranchised in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Trump’s cancerous racism has metastasized and consumed not only his administration, but the entire Republican Party. For the sake of deregulation, conservative judges and tax cuts for the wealthy, Republican leaders turn a blind eye to the the racist rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration. The GOP may have attained these short-term victories, but their cynicism and complicity in Trump’s racism spells doom for the long-term future of their party. Demographics and the moral arc of the universe that bends towards justice ensures that the GOP is destined to become irrelevant in the near future.

The Trump administration, whether it survives for four years or eight, is racism’s last hurrah. Future generations won’t comprehend why we didn’t impeach a president who called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, African nations shithole countries, and mocked predominantly black cities as rat-infested hellholes.

One day when I wake up and our long national nightmare is finally over, I won’t have any regrets or feelings of guilt. In the last three years I have written hundreds of essays exposing the racism, bigotry, and corruption of the Trump administration. What about you my friend?

Stable Genius Trump Accidentally Tweets Praise at Parody Account Mocking Tom Homan

“Seeking to praise former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan in a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump accidentally ended up drawing attention to a pro-immigration parody account mocking the former ICE chief instead.

‘The Democrats hate this President so much, they’re forgetting about their duty to secure our Border,’ The U.S. leader wrote, appearing to quote from an interview between the real-life Homan and Fox News’ Steve Hilton. ‘Sad but true!’ Trump said in agreement, as he tagged Hilton and the account: @ThomasHomanICE.”


Tom Homan served as Acting Director of ICE from January 30, 2017 to June 29, 2018. Since his retirement from public service he has been a vitriolic defender of Trump’s racist immigration policies in his capacity as a Fox News contributor.

Trump often praises Fox News hosts and contributors on Twitter, these sycophants are an embarrassment to their profession, and they thrive on such compliments.

Trump is the worst president in history, and he’d wouldn’t be much better as a journalist. He’s too lazy to do any research, had he taken the time to click the @ThomasHomanICE account he would have discovered it’s a parody account with less than five thousand followers.

The parody account is run by pro-immigration advocate Domenic Powell, and you can follow this resistor @_vectorist.

It’s taken me years to build up my Twitter feed to almost 20 thousand followers, but if I create a parody account @MikePenceChristianPatriot and tweet “Donald Trump is not a racist and he deserves an NAACP Image Award”, the fucking moron might retweet it to his 62 million followers and almost immediately my parody account would be more popular than my genuine page.