Outrage: Sarah Silverman Attacked Donald Trump Because He Asked If Her Boobs Were Real

“Sarah Silverman said Donald Trump once inquired after her breasts, something that would be shocking if we had the capacity to be shocked by that kind of stuff anymore. In a tweet, Silverman said the now-President asked comedian and Roastmaster Jeff Ross if her tits were real, noting that they are, not that it`s Trump`s-or anyone`s-business.”

AV Club

Sarah Silverman should be flattered that anyone inquired after her breasts, her big mouth distracts men from noticing any other part of her anatomy.

Silverman could be delivering her stand-up routine buck naked, and I wouldn`t even sneak a peek at her coochie.

When Silverman first started out in comedy she had that nerdy Jewish girl thing going for her, and she was adorable if not very funny.

In the last couple of years Sarah has taken to wearing sexy attire, I`m sick and tired of her cleavage-exposing shirts.

Silverman failed Comedy 101:

Women suck at stand-up comedy.

The only successful (funny) female comics were homely as hell. Witness Phyllis Diller, Moms Mably, Roseanne Barr.

Parting shot: Sarah, if you don`t want men remarking on your boobs, stop flashing them.


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