Oldest Living Person in the World Says Life is a Punishment

“A woman purported to be the oldest living person ever at 128 says she hasn`t lived a single happy day in her life and her longevity is a punishment.

The Russian government claims Koku Istambulova is the world`s oldest person.

But she has bluntly said her longevity was God`s will and she did nothing to make it happen.

While some people chalk it up to a healthy or active lifestyle, tired Koku said: `I have no idea how I lived until now.`

Due to turn 129 in two weeks, she added: `I have not had a single happy day in my life.`”


Usually when a sweet old lady reaches a milestone birthday, it`s presented as a “good news” story, and a photo of a smiling centenarian (probably a stock photo) accompanies the article.

The woman is quoted attributing her longevity to prayer, a healthy diet, or good genes. Inevitably she thanks God for a long life, and wishes she could stick around for a decade longer.

Koku Istambulova don`t play that, homegirl keeps it real. The world`s oldest living person claims she hasn`t had a happy day in her life. She says she`s tired, and has no idea how she`s lived so long.

I can`t begin to imagine the horror of living to the age of 128; I would be begging the Good Lord or the Grim Reaper to put me out of my misery.

It`s not my intention to sound cruel, but I hope Istambulova doesn`t live one day longer in this wretched world.

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