Mike Pence Didn’t Write the Anonymous New York Times Editorial

In Broadway an understudy is an actor who learns anothers role in order to be able to act as a replacement at short notice.

“Break a leg” is an idiom in theatre used to wish a performer “good luck” in an ironic way, but when an understudy tells the star to “break a leg,” he`s probably as serious as a heart attack.

Vice President John Nance Garner`s famously opined that the office of the Vice President “is not worth a bucket of warm piss.” True enough, but the second in command has two important duties prescribed by the Constitution: to break tie votes in the Senate and to succeed presidents who can`t finish a term in office.

The Vice President is the understudy in the White House, he stands by ready to succeed a president who can`t finish his term in office due to mental or physical incapacitation or impeachment.

My guess is that the two phrases that Mike Pence uses the most often are: “Sir, you look fabulous today” and “break a leg.”

When Pence looks adoringly at Trump when he`s delivering a speech, he`s thinking: Dear God, when will this fuc*ing moron finally do something so outlandish and illegal that Republicans will join Democrats in seeking to impeach him?

Some pundits believe that Pence is the author of the anonymous New York Times` anti-Donald Trump op-ed, which the paper attributed to “a senior official in the Trump administration.” This conspiracy theory is based solely on the fact that the anonymous writer used the arcane word “lodestar,” Pence`s favorite word, after “mother.”

Pence didn`t write the damn editorial, he`s keeping a low profile until he takes over after Trump is impeached. Pence is too busy kissing Trump`s ass to have the time to write an anti-Trump essay.

I hope the real writer puts on his big girl panties, and publicly condemns Donald Trump.

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