Mike Pence and Donald Trump: Locked Together in Sexual/Political Embrace

“WHEN VICE PRESIDENT Mike Pence appeared at an event in Arizona the other day and lauded former sheriff Joe Arpaio as a `tireless champion of the rule of law`, his comment wasn`t just a risible fiction about a man who made racial profiling his political calling card, thumbed his nose at a federal judge`s order and was convicted of criminal contempt of court. In kowtowing to Mr. Arpaio, a hero to alt-right racists, the vice president also announced his own contempt for principles higher than reflexive genuflection to anything and anyone favored by President Trump.

The Washington Post

Vice President Mike Pence is known as a bedrock religious conservative, and as an unapologetic supporter of the short-fingered vulgarian, Donald Trump.

Pence is anal-retentive about avoiding the appearance of evil, he famously refuses to be alone with any woman other than his wife.

You`d think that Pence would have refused to be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever, and turned down the chance to be Vice President.

But not only did Pence accept Trump`s offer to be Vice President, but Pence the religious prude and Trump the brazen hedonist are thicker than thieves.

Whenever Pence`s religious convictions and Trump`s unchristian behavior are in conflict, he sides with the devil.

Trump pardoned Arpaio after he was convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a federal judge`s order to halt his office`s systematic racial profiling patrols.

So it`s not surprising that Pence lauded the ex-convict racist Sheriff as a tireless champion of the rule of law. In the Trump administration black is white, good is bad, and if you want to remain in the president`s good races you`d better not publicly contradict him.

If Pence is convicted of any Russian scandal related crime, he will likely be pardoned by Trump, but I doubt Jesus will pardon Pence for his many sins: Relentless persecution of gays and lesbians, support of policies that hurt the poor and minorities, and his embrace of the antichrist himself, Donald Trump.

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