How to Cure Donald Trump of His Tweeting Addiction

Donald Trump is a liar. Period. End of story. He is a compulsive and pathological liar, he wouldn`t know the truth if it grabbed him by the groin.

Here`s a list of 99 lies Trump has told just since he`s been president:

Trump has told some whoopers, and folks think his most glaring deception was when he waved his baby hands at the debate audience and declared there was nothing wrong with the size of his manhood.

Methinks his biggest falsehood was when he told Fox & Friends two days before his presidential inauguration: Look, I don`t like tweeting! That`s like Snoop Dogg declaring: Look, I don`t like smoking weed.

Trump loves to tweet, he`s addicted to Twitter, and he needs an intervention. Mr. T, Dr. Phil and Steve Bannon should pounce on him when he attempts to tweet at an ungodly hour of the morning, and take away his phone.

Trump will need something else for his demonically diminutive hands to play with. We all know how he loves to grab them by the pussy; his handlers could give him Taylor Swift`s pussy . . . cat to play with. The pop star owns several felines, and she might donate on for the sake of national security. One inappropriate tweet and Trump could start World War III, but if he handles Swift`s pussy inappropriately, the only damage will be scratches to his baby hands.

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