Hillary Clinton Must Disappear for the Good of the Democratic Party


Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile since she suffered the humiliation of losing to a clown with an orange face, tiny hands and the most famous micropenis in the world.

She`s been behaving like a typical grandmother: Hiking, walking her pooch, and browsing at bookstores. Chappaqua residents who are unfamiliar with Hillary`s decades of political corruption, might think she`s just a friendly well-to-do grandma enjoying her golden years.

The Hillary who mocked Donald Trump on the campaign trail, and who was loud, shrill and annoying in her stump speech, is finally quiet. (God, I thought nothing could silence the witch)

But those of us who recognize Hillary as a nasty woman shouldn`t let down our guard, the demon-possessed wretch may yet make another run for the White House.

Hillary announced last week that she would support recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, that doesn`t sound to me like a witch who will ride off in a broom into the sunset, and never be heard from again.

Patriots must be ever vigilant, and not give Hillary a moment of peace until the Grim Reaper drags her away to hell.

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