Hillary Clinton Doll Dangling From Metal Hook in Store! Free Speech or Hate Speech?


“A Hillary Clinton doll dangles from a metal hook next to a `Make America Great Again` sign inside the Pleasant View¬†Orchards store in Smithfield. It has some customers up in arms, but owner Anthony Polseno says it`s not meant to offend.

When word spread about the doll, it led some people to take to the internet describing their outrage through reviews. One saying in part, `having a doll of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State with a noose around her neck? that is not only so disrespectful but misogynistic and hateful.`

Polseno, who`s run the orchard for 50 years, says the doll was a gift from a customer. But, the complaints started before the Clinton doll, they began when he first hung his Donald Trump `Make America Great Again` sign. “

ABC News

Poleseno`s Hillary doll dangling from a metal hook next to a “Make America Great Again” sign in his business may be in bad taste, but it`s an example of constitutionally protected free speech.

If a customer is offended by the Hillary doll, instead of getting his panties in a twist; he should simply not patronize Pleasant View Orchards.

In my opinion a Hillary Clinton doll dangling from a metal hook is a vivid example of Making America Great. Political discourse whether it takes the form of speech, performance art or an effigy of a politician dangling from a metal hook is democracy in action. I thank God we live in a free country where we won`t be fined or jailed for ridiculing or criticizing politicians.

I wish I had a Hillary Clinton doll that I could dangle from my front porch; the humiliated political hack needs to be reminded that she is despised by most Americans.

Hillary if you`re thinking of running again in 2020, please take a good look at your likeness dangling in this patriot`s place of business.

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