Heartless Reporters Bring Their Children to White House to Meet Donald Trump

It`s a longstanding tradition for the children of the White House correspondents to visit the Oval Office for Halloween festivities.

Reporters who cover the White House are better acquainted than the rest of us with the corruption that permeates the ultimate seat of power.

Now that Donald Trump occupies the White House it`s the epicenter of evil in the world. Why in the name of everything that`s decent, holy, and pure would reporters bring their innocent children to the White House to meet Trump?

I would look more kindly on parents who offered their children as a sacrifice to Molech than on parents who took their kids to the White House to meet Trump.

Is it any wonder that the press has a lower approval rating than the most corrupt, evil and venial president in the history of the United States?

Did Trump interact with the children by dispensing pearls of wisdom and hugging them?

Bitch get real. Here`s some of the things he told them:

These are beautiful, wonderful children. You gonna grow up to be like your parents? Mmm, don`t answer. That could only get me in trouble, that question.

You have no weight problems. That`s the good news, right?

I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children.

She is Japanese? Beautiful. She is Japane-I`m gonna be in Japan in two weeks. I`ll be in Japan.

Any person with a modicum of integrity would turn down an invitation to meet Trump, and he sure as hell wouldn`t drag his children to the White House to meet the monster.

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