Donald Trump’s European Visit Was an Unmitigated Disaster

Category 5 Hurricane Donald Trump has wreaked devastation on Europe, and on Monday he will arrive in Helsinki, Finland for a summit with Russian Federation president-for-life Vladimir Putin.

Putin will welcome his American comrade with open arms, Trump has done more to achieve Russian objectives than all of the Russian intelligence agencies combined. Helping Trump win the election is the most successful intelligence operation in world history. When Trump dies his final resting place should be in a mausoleum right next to Lenin`s in Red Square.

Trump`s European visit was an unmitigated disaster for America`s reputation and for our relationships with our most valued and trusted allies.

Trump`s first stop was in Brussels, Belgium for the NATO alliance summit. Trump treated the 70-year-old alliance that prevented the Soviet Union from devouring Europe, and has been a bulwark against international terrorism with contempt and disdain. Trump presided over the gathering as if he was a Mafia Godfather lambasting his underbosses for failing to give him his proper share.

At the NATO summit Trump accused Germany of being captive to Russia; German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in East Berlin under Russian occupation, vigorously defended herself against Trump`s false charges.

It took a lot of chutzpah for Trump to accuse Germany of being captive to Russia considering he owes his election victory to Putin. If anyone is captive to Putin it`s Trump, he has failed to speak out against Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and he hasn`t criticized Putin for his intervention in Syria or for capturing Ukrainian territory by military force.

Trump`s next stop was England where he ridiculed UK Prime Minister Theresa May`s Brexit strategy and praised Boris Johnson was had just resigned from her cabinet over Brexit. With a friend like Trump, who stabs May in the back when she`s at her most vulnerable, who needs enemies?

Imagine the Sex Pistols in the late 70`s playing a gig at the Salt Lake Temple, that`s how much devastation Trump`s European visit caused.

I`m sure Trump will enjoy his bonding session with fellow autocrat Putin, their plan of destroying America`s international reputation, weakening the European Union and diminishing NATO`s effectiveness is working to perfection.

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