Donald Trump Should Waterboard Hillary Clinton


“Donald Trump will not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway announced on Tuesday, reneging on one of his signature campaign promises.

Conway said Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton for her use of a private email server as secretary of state, nor her potential conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation, because he wants to help her heal.”

Policy Mic

The highlight of Donald Trump’s stump speech on the campaign trail was when he threatened to pursue charges against Hillary; he would be drowned out with cries of: Lock Her Up!  It was a cathartic experience, like a call and response interaction between a pastor and his congregation at a black church.

Trump must keep his two signature campaign promises if he wants to keep faith with his supporters: Build a beautiful wall between Mexico and the United States, and lock Hillary up inside the drab walls of a penitentiary.

Why is Trump reneging on his solemn pledge to lock the witch up; Hillary is the most despised woman in America and nobody would shed a tear if she’s convicted.
Even Hillary would be happier in the Big House; she would enjoy free rein to be a lesbian.

But if Trump isn’t going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the myriad Clinton scandals, the least he can do it waterboard the bitch.

Of course Trump doesn’t have the physical wherewithal to waterboard Hillary; his tiny hands are incapable of holding her head under water. But he can delegate the task to the likes of Rudy Gulliani; can you imagine the glee of pure happiness in his eyes as he’s waterboarding Hillary?

Or he could assign the task to his 12-year-old son Barron, he has much bigger hands than his daddy, and he would certainly be making America Great Again by punishing Hillary for her decades of corruption and evildoing.
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