Donald Trump Raised More in Small-dollar Donations Than Bernie, Hillary and Obama

“Donald Trump, who spent more of his own money on his campaign than any other presidential candidate in history, also raised more in small-dollar donations than anyone else ever did.

Trump brought in $239 million in donations of $200 or less, more than Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined, according to the Campaign Finance Institute, a Washington-based research group.
He also proved more adept at raking in small-dollar contributions than Barack Obama, who brought in $219 million in 2012 and $189 million in 2008. Clinton raised $137 million and Sanders $100 million in donations of $200 or less.”


Donald Trump didn`t buy the election, he invested a tiny fraction of his enormous wealth into his campaign. Putin`s hackers didn`t tilt the election in favor of the Orange Menace, an enormous backlash against the status quo as represented by Hillary ensured Trump`s victory. The media wasn`t responsible for Trump`s triumph, sure they provided the reality TV star with wall-to-wall coverage of his campaign speeches, but they were unabashedly in Hillary`s camp.

Trump campaigned as a populist, and he`s governing like a dictator, but the irony is that he was elected in a democratic fashion. Trump raised more in small-dollar donations than any presidential candidate in the history of our democracy. It was hardworking patriots in flyover country and frustrated blue-collar workers in the rust belt who sustained Trump`s campaign with their small donations.

Trump`s economic populist message resonated with millions of voters across the country, he owes his unexpected victory to rank-and-file voters.

Like it or not, Donald J. Trump is the president of all Americans, and we shouldn`t resort to undemocratic means (riots, fake news) to undermine and delegitimize his administration.

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