Donald Trump is a Clown With Tiny Hands Instead of Giant Feet

Parents hire clowns to entertain their children for birthday parties, and it works until the kids grow tired of the limited repertoire of the clown`s tricks and shenanigans.

Kids are repulsed and fascinated by clowns at the same time, their painted faces and huge feet scares the Bejesus out of them, but they are mesmerized by their magic tricks.

Eventually when the kids start pelting the clown with anything they can get a hold of, the parents tell the entertainer that his work is done.

President Donald Trump is like a clown at a third-rate carnival who cheats marks at three-card monte when he`s not clowning around.

We hired the Clown of all Clowns as President of the United States, and unfortunately unless we impeach the freak we`re stuck with him for four years.

We are fascinated and repulsed by Trump`s non-stop buffoonery, he has an endless supply of tweets, insults, and incoherent policy initiatives up his sleeve.

In lieu of oversized feet he has tiny hands that he employs to tweet nonsense, and to pull executive actions out of his ass.

Republicans have made peace with Trump by pretending that he`s not a clown, they ignore his infantile tweets, insane rants and childish behavior, because the payoff is conservative judges, tax laws that favor the wealthy, and deregulation that benefits big corporations.

The majority of Americans are sick and tired of the clown sitting in the Oval Office, and we are mortified that he`s turned the White House into a three-ring circus.

I may be tilting at windmills but I will never accept Trump as my president, and I will continue to write essays exposing his buffoonery until Congress does the right thing and impeaches the clown.

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