Donald Trump Faked Phone Call to Brag About Book Sales

“Pete Davidson, the SNL comedian with the compelling theory that Donald Trump doesn`t know how to read, has shared another wonderful anecdote about Trump`s unfortunate hosting gig in 2015. In an interview with Open Late`s Peter Rosenberg, Davidson said that Trump, for no apparent reason, `faked a phone call` during a table read. Answering his imaginary phone call, Trump said without any pause, `Fantastic, okay great.`

`Then he hung up,` Davidson continued, and he goes, `Hey everybody, my book just went No. 1.` What a charmer.”


Long before he became president Donald Trump surrounded himself with celebrities from the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Trump treats politicians, businessmen and common people with contempt, but he`s always tried to ingratiate himself with celebs. Let`s not forget that trying to impress D-List celeb Billy Bush almost derailed his presidential campaign.

I`m not surprised that during Trump`s presidential campaign he tried to impress the cast of SNL by pretending he received a phone call informing him that his book just reached the top of the bestseller list.

Trump didn`t care that his ruse was so transparent (to this day he doesn`t care that his lies are so blatantly false), he just couldn`t miss an opportunity to brag to his fellow celebs.

The SNL cast was unimpressed with the narcissistic blowhard, it`s a shame that enough Americans were impressed with the despicable con artist to elect him to the White House.

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