Donald Trump Destroyed Clinton and Bush Dynasties, Hopefully He Will Smash Capitalism

My political views are eclectic and contrarian, and my voting history reflects that I’ve voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

In the Democratic primaries I supported Bernie Sanders, the socialist curmudgeon Senator from Vermont. Even though the odds were stacked against Sanders, he almost won. But the Clinton machine, the Democratic establishment, the donor class, the media — indeed the entire crooked system was rigged in favor of Hillary.

In the General Election I held my nose, bit my tongue and voted for Donald Trump, the populist vulgarian. Sanders is spot on, we need a revolution, and Hillary was the embodiment of the corrupt establishment that needs to be overthrown. I, along with millions of my fellow Americans, opted for the racist clown over the corrupt witch.

The odds were stacked against Trump even more than they were against Sanders. The Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, Wall Street, the intelligentsia, the media, the donor class, civil rights organizations, foreign leaders –indeed the entire world was dead set against Trump.

But voters, especially working class whites, were in a revolutionary state of mind, and they said: F*** it, I’m voting for Trump.

As an Hispanic working stiff, voting for Trump wasn’t in my economic self-interest, but maybe some good will come out of a disastrous election: Deliberately or inadvertently the clueless billionaire may blow up the nefarious system.

Keep in mind that Trump has already destroyed the Bush and Clinton dynasties, who’s to say that he can’t single-handedly smash the crony capitalism that passes as democracy.

After four years of Trump incompetence, tomfoolery and stupidity, we can reestablish a democracy from the ruins he will undoubtedly leave behind.

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