Donald Trump aka Denny Dennison is a Filthy Pig

President Donald Trump`s personal attorney, Michael Cohen has publicly declared that he paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to maintain discretion regarding her sexual relationship with Trump in 2006.

But paying a porn star to keep her trap shut makes as much sense as paying her to keep her legs closed, and she`s chomping at the bit to break her nondisclosure agreement and tell all for a hell of a lot more than $130,000.

Stormy Daniels isn`t her Christian name, she was christened Stephanie Gregor Clifford. It`s imperative that a porn star or a stripper adopt a sexy moniker like Wendy Wild, Summer Vixen or Jaden Hollywood. No dude wants to pay good money to receive a lap dance from a stripper named Betty Smith.

It`s par for the course for a porn actress to use a pseudonym, but why did Cohen use an alias (Denny Dennison) for Trump in the nondisclosure agreement?

Denny Dennison? Please! Denny Dennison is the name of a baseball player or an assembly line worker. When Anthony Weiner was trolling for underage girls online he used the fake name “Carlos Danger.” When Trump cavorts with porn stars and playboy centerfolds he should call himself “Wonder Mike” or “Dangerous Dick.”

I hope that Donald Trump aka Denny Dennison aka Fuc*ing Moron pays the price for paying off a porn star to keep quiet a few days before the 2016 election.
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