Crooked Hillary Clinton Comes Out of the Woods to Praise Reprobate Harry Reid


After her humiliating defeat at the hands of a clueless clown, Hillary Clinton has been seen by concerned citizens roaming the woods near her home in Chappaqua.

Hillary ditched her trademark pantsuits and designer shoes for a warm coat sensible pants and hiking boots.

Most of us were hoping and praying that dementia had finally taken complete hold of her, and that she would roam the woods forever, never to emerge as a credible politician again.   

Alas, Hillary left the woods of Westchester County to visit Capitol Hill on Thursday for a ceremony honoring retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

It’s altogether fitting and proper that a decrepit old political hack like Reid was honored by a putrid fossil the likes of Hilary.

For the occasion, Hillary donned a purple pantsuit, the same royal color she wore for her concession speech.

Hillary can’t get it through her thick skull that the electorate has rejected the Clinton dynasty.

We’ve had our fill of Hillary’s speeches; we weren’t waiting with bated breath for her to pay tribute to an old reprobate.

For God’s sake Hillary, your reign is over, return to the freaking woods. 

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