Creator of Pink Flamingo Dies at 79

“Rivaled only by the garden gnome and tiki torch, pink flamingos are the ubiquitous lawn ornament of choice for homeowners seeking a vintage, kitschy, ironically tacky splash of summer Americana in the yard.

Donald Featherstone, creator of those wire-legged plastic birds, died at age 79 on Monday, his wife told the Associated Press. As his legacy, he left a product that fuses industry and art in American culture”

USA Today

I lived in apartments all of my adult life until age 43 when I bought my own home, shortly after purchasing my house I did two things that I couldn`t do as an apartment dweller: I adopted a dog, and I painted my house pink and adorned it with pink flamingos.

As a man I wasn`t complete until I had a dog, and as a homeowner and human being I wasn`t complete until I painted my house pink and decorated it with pink flamingos.

Every house on my block is either painted white or has a brick fa├žade; my little dwelling stands out like a diamond in a bag of peanuts.

Many homeowner associations ban pink flamingos because supposedly they aren`t aesthetically pleasing and they negatively affect property values.

My little pink abode with its pink flamingos has enhanced the artistic appeal of my neighborhood, everybody knows me as the grouchy old guy who lives in the cute little pink house.

I have adopted the Southern habit of swinging on my front porch and watching life pass me by. I live a couple of blocks away from a university and it`s not uncommon for college kids to compliment me on my house.

One young lady was so enthralled by my house that she asked if she could take a picture, she said my humble house looked like it belonged in a fairy tale book.

Today I pay tribute to the creator of the pink flamingo, Donald Featherstone. Your heavenly creation has enhanced the value of my house, and lifted the spirits of all those who walk by my home. When I die and go to heaven, I`m convinced that my heavenly residence will be decorated with pink flamingos.

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