Chris Evans Calls Mike Pence an Obsequious Little Worm

Gay Gentleman

Wow. @VP is an obsequious little worm desperately trying to sanitize Trump`s lies. He has no shame. Keep tap dancing you fool. We all see you.

Chris Evans Tweet

This was the reaction of the Captain America actor after witnessing Mike Pence`s ridiculous attempt to explain Trump`s preposterous claim that past presidents had told him that building a border wall was necessary.

Trump`s claim was patently false, all the living former presidents despise him, and they have absolutely no correspondence with him. They have all made statements denouncing Trump`s proposed wall.

Journalists would be well-advised to adopt Evans` tone when faced with a staffer who is verbally contorting himself trying to explain his boss`s lies.

This is the exchange that got Evan`s blood boiling:

NBC Reporter Hallie Jackson: Which former presidents told President Trump, as he said, that he should have built a wall? All of their representatives have denied that that was the case.

Pence: I know the President has said that that was his impression from previous administrations, previous presidents. I know I`ve seen clips of previous presidents talking about the importance of border security, the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

Jackson: That`s different from telling the President, though, right?

Pence: Look, honestly, the American people, the American people want us to address this issue.

Jackson is a fine reporter, but she should have adopted a more adversarial tone, and rebuked the VP for attempting to whitewash Trump`s flagrant lie.

Pence is an obsequious little piece of shit, and covering up Trump`s lies has left him with a brown nose and a black heart.

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