Bizarre UK Police Sketch Breaks the Internet

“A British police department`s computer-generated sketch of a suspect is going viral thanks to the face`s unrealistic proportions.

Warwickshire Police tweeted a sketch of a man believed to have been involved in a distraction burglary in Stratford, England, in February.

The department said the sketch was based on the victim`s description, but commenters on Twitter suggested the sketch`s unusually large mouth and teeth made it more closely resemble a Snapchat filter than a real person`s face.”


After distracting the homeowner, burglars broke into her home and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

I can only assume that all the burglar with the huge mouth had to do was smile to distract the hapless homeowner, while his partner-in-crime snuck inside.

The computer-generated sketch was based on the description of the victim. Perhaps this woman has a fetish for men with a huge mouth, and all she could tell the cops was that the burglar`s mouth was a mile wide.

I can`t say I blame the befuddled woman, if a burglar with big boobs conned her way into my home, I would tell the police sketch artist: Dude her face was a blank, all I can remember is her incredible rack.

Needless to say this burglar will never be caught based on the police computer-generated sketch.

Pic of sketch:

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