Rex Tillerson is Right, Donald Trump is a Moron

“Discord between President Donald Trump and his chief diplomat is at an all-time high, spilling into public view in recent days and peaking with a NBC News report Wednesday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron in a Pentagon meeting.

Trump was aware before Wednesday`s report that Tillerson had referred to him as a `moron` at the Pentagon this summer, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN, but it`s unclear whether Trump discussed the remark with Tillerson. Trump was not present at the Pentagon meeting. A White House source also confirmed to CNN that Trump knew about the insult prior to Wednesday.

During a hastily arranged statement Wednesday morning, Tillerson insisted he enjoys a close relationship with Trump and called him `smart.` But he would not directly deny that he`d called Trump a `moron.`”


Donald Trump expects obsequiousness from his subordinates, and he considers their most important responsibility to shower him with praise.

To work in the Trump administration a man must sear his conscience and hand over his balls to the buffoon-in-chief on a silver platter.

By all accounts Rex Tillerson called Trump not just a moron, but a fuc*ing moron. There are good-natured morons, and then there are evil fuc*ing morons like Trump.

Tillerson didn`t explicitly deny referring to Trump as a moron, which left the fuc*ing moron seething in anger.

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political analyst to deduce that Tillerson`s days are numbered.

Trump would have summarily fired Tillerson if it weren`t for the fact that too many administration officials have recently been fired or forced to resign.

If Tillerson has a shred of dignity he will resign before the fuc*ing moron fires him.

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In Meeting With Military Donald Trump Talks About ‘Calm Before the Storm’

“After discussing Iran and North Korea with U.S. military leaders on Thursday, President Donald Trump posed for a photo with them before dinner and declared the moment `the calm before the storm.`

`You guys know what this represents?` Trump said after journalists gathered in the White House state dining room to photograph him and first lady Melania Trump with the uniformed military leaders and their spouses.

`Maybe it`s the calm before the storm,` he said.

What storm?

`You`ll find out,` Trump told questioning reporters”


When the commander-in-chief and his military brass are assembled before the press, and he declares that the moment represents “the calm before the storm,” that chilling statement would elicit ominous headlines if the president were anybody other than Donald Trump.

But Trump has a history of making outlandish comments, and his statement (joke?) was ill-advised and reckless, but I don`t think we should worry about any impending military action.

Although our relations with Iran and especially North Korea are at a boiling point, in no small part due to Trump`s bombastic and inflammatory rhetoric.

A pundit would have just as much luck trying to discern the meaning of Trump`s noxious farts as they would trying to make sense out of the nonsense that spews from his mouth.

I would advise my fellow Americans to chill out, just remember that our reality show president is liable to say anything for dramatic effect.

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Donald Trump Tossing Paper Towels Is His ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moment

“Let them eat cake!”

This is a proverb that demonstrates insensitivity to or incomprehension of the realities of life of the disenfranchised. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in his confessions, tells of a princess who on being informed that the peasants had no bread, replied, “Let them eat cake.”

While the phrase is commonly attributed to the French Queen Marie Antoinette, there`s no record of her having said it.

Donald Trump is oblivious to the stark realities of life of the urban poor. He can`t relate to normal folks, and he obviously has no clue how to relate to normal folks trying to survive in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The spectacle of Donald Trump tossing paper towels to the survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico defines the cruelty and stupidity of the Trump administration, and it`s his “Let them eat cake” moment.

The optics of the billionaire president tossing paper towels as if he was playing fetch with dogs underscores his racism and disdain for anyone who isn`t white.

I shouldn`t be so harsh, I must admit a roll of paper towels is a perfect gift for the survivors of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans can use the paper towels to clean the floors of their houses that have been defiled by sewer water. And with a dash of hot pepper a paper towel can fill the stomach of a Puerto Rican who doesn`t have anything to eat.

Marie Antoinette, regardless if she ever uttered the immortal phrase “Let them eat cake,” was beheaded in the French Revolution.

Heads should roll over the incompetent federal response to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Maria, started with Donald Trump. I leave it to you, my dear reader, to discern if I`m speaking literally or metaphorically.

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Pat Robertson Placed the Blame for the Las Vegas Massacre on Disrespect for Donald Trump

“TV preacher Pat Robertson says the massacre in Las Vegas was caused by lack of respect for President Donald Trump, protests during the national anthem and the country having no vision of God.

“There is profound disrespect for our president, all across this nation they say terrible things about him,” the televangelist and former presidential candidate said on The 700 Club on Monday.”

Huffington Post

The 87-year-old televangelist and former presidential candidate has a sordid history of placing the blame for natural disasters on gays, lesbians, feminists and anybody else who doesn`t subscribe to his Neanderthal belief system.

God might have diverted the course of Katrina into the ocean and spared New Orleans if only the wicked city hadn`t been so hospitable to gays, lesbians and other infidels.

But the con artist really takes the cake with his latest pronunciation that the massacre in Las Vegas was caused by lack of respect for President Donald Trump.

I wish the Almighty would smite Robertson and take him to the Big Nursing Home in the Sky.

If America respected a profane, vulgar, petty and narcissist egomaniac like Trump I would really be worried, it speaks well of the spiritual health of our great democracy that we can`t abide the short-fingered vulgarian.

I imagine what really pisses off God are the evangelical ministers who laud Trump out of political expediency.

Evil, whether it takes the form of a madman who slaughters innocents in Las Vegas, a televangelist who fleeces his flock, or a president who embarrasses his country on a daily basis, is well-entrenched in our society.

But I have a smidgen of hope for America when I see my fellow Americans recognize Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, and the loser who killed 59 people in Las Vegas as moral reprobates.

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SNL’s Michael Che Calls Donald Trump a ‘Bitch’ and a ‘Cheap Cracker’

“Michael Che wasn`t afraid to start off season 43 of Saturday Night Live with a big political statement.

During Weekend Update, Che, 34, slammed Donald Trump for the perceived slow federal response and alleged mishandling hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, calling the president `bitch` and a `cheap cracker.`

After reading Trump`s tweet accusing Puerto Rico mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of being “nasty” to him because Democrats told her to, Che said “Oh really, Donald? You bitch. Was she nasty to you? How nasty? Are you shaking?”

`This isn`t that complicated, man. It`s is hurricane relief. These people need help. You just did this for white people twice,` Che said, referencing Trump`s relief efforts for Florida and Houston residents. `Do the same thing. Go tell Melania to put on her flood heels, get some bottled water, some food, pack up some extra Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl t-shirts and write them a check with our money, you cheap cracker.`


Don`t expect me to get onboard the bandwagon criticizing Che for calling Donald Trump a “bitch” and a “cheap cracker.”

As a lover of the Constitution, a writer and a comedy fan, I place a high premium on the First Amendment.

Comedy should be a bastion of free speech, political-correctness and sensitivity should be anathema to every comic worth his salt. A comic shouldn`t just push the envelope, he should booby-trap the envelope and blow up the house with his outrageous commentary.

I am not going to wet my drawers in faux outrage when a black funnyman calls a white person a “cheap cracker,” or when a white comedian calls a black person a “nigger.” Nigga please, ain`t no rules in comedy.

Free speech advocates and anti-free speech fascists would agree that Donald Trump is a “bitch” and a “cheap cracker,” and truth be told I haven`t heard too many folks complain about Che`s spot-on description of Trump.

But whenever a comic uses words such as “bitch” or “nigger” we shouldn`t get our panties in a bunch.

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Denver International Airport Introduces Therapy Cats

“Denver International Airport`s CATS team is no longer only for dogs.

Yeah, we know that seems obvious.

This week, the airport introduced Xeli, the first feline to join the Canine Airport Therapy Squad, or CATS.

The team is made up of volunteer pet owners and their furry family members, and all pets are registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

All animals in the program wear vests that read `pet me` and passengers are encouraged to pet or hug them and take pictures.”


It`s not uncommon to see therapy cats in nursing homes, hospitals and hospices, but now they will be employed where we need them the most, hell aka any airport.

If I don`t make it to heaven, and I`m dispatched to hell I`m sure it will look like a generic airport minus the lake of fire.

TSA goons becoming more intimate with you than your proctologist or gynecologist, fear of terrorists who are anxious to slaughter innocents so they can have an orgy with 40 virgins in paradise, fat passengers who invade your personal space, and fart away like there`s no tomorrow – if that`s not a description of hell, I don`t know what is!

Thank God the Denver International Airport has added felines to their Canine Airport Therapy Squad, or CATS.

When I`m on vacation I miss my dog and cats the most, being able to pet a kitty at the airport would go a long way toward relieving my stress and anxiety. I would no longer regard an airport as hell, because there are no cats in hell.

Cats at an airport is a purr-fect idea, I pray it catches on.

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Fall is the Perfect Time to Walk Your Dog

The dog days of summer are finally over, your pooch survived the season of ticks and fleas and you made it through the cruel months of sweat, sunburns and humidity.

Many a summer day you stayed inside the confines of your air-conditioned home, sipping a cold one and watching TV while your faithful companion was begging to go outside for a walk.

Now that the temperatures and the leaves are falling, there`s no excuse not to walk your dog every day.

Fall is the perfect time to go on long hikes or leisurely walks with your canine buddy.

A dog isn`t a high-maintenance pet, all he requires is a little love, a few bones and a daily walk so he can bond with his owner.

Fall is also the perfect time to go camping, consider taking your pooch instead of your drama queen girlfriend who will go into hysterics if she sees a fox or a snake.

Many campgrounds are dog-friendly, enjoying the great outdoors with your best friend is heaven on Earth.

Fall was created for a man and his dog, get with the program and go enjoy a walk with your pet.

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Lewis Hamilton Posts Video of Chihuahua Humping Donald Trump Plush Toy! Bravo!

Lewis Hamilton, the British F1 driver, posted a video ridiculing Donald Trump on Instagram. The video shows a Chihuahua humping a Donald Trump plush toy.

Donald Trump is vile, profane, racist and a willfully ignorant narcissist, it`s an indictment on the greatest democracy in the world that we elected him president.

If a crackhead is smoking crack on my front lawn, I am not going to show him all due deference and kindly request that he “enjoy his controlled substance somewhere else.” You have to speak to people in a language that they will understand; I would demand that the crackhead “get the fuc* off my property before I bash his head in with a baseball bat.”

If you want to criticize or ridicule Trump you don`t employ subtle wit, you bash the short-fingered vulgarian over the head with savage insults.

Hamilton chose the right tact in demonstrating his displeasure with Trump`s racist views and policies.

Trump sees himself as the alpha dog, but Hamilton posted a video that depicts Trump as a bitch who is getting humped by a freaking Chihuahua.

My only point of contention with Hamilton is that he took down the video, it should have remained online until the American people come to their senses and remove the wretched dog from office by any means necessary.

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Taliban Attempt to Kill James Mattis!

“The Taliban unleashed a barrage of rockets and suicide bombers detonated their vests at Kabul`s international airport Wednesday, the attack coming fewer than two hours after U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived there.

Mattis had already left the airport aboard helicopters to attend a meeting with Afghanistan`s President Ghani when the attack occurred.

The Afghan Crisis Response Unit responded to the attack and U.S. forces supported them in the air, but a missile malfunctioned and caused several friendly casualties, officials said.

Fox News

In October 2001 the United States invaded Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to turn over Osama bin Laden and dismantle al Qaeda`s terrorist bases.

In relatively short order the Taliban was removed from power, but most of the al Qaeda`s terrorists escaped to safe haven in Pakistan.

George W. Bush`s fevered vision of turning Afghanistan into a Jeffersonian democracy lies in the dustbin of history. Nevertheless 17 years later American young men and women are still shedding their blood in vain in this godforsaken country.

The Taliban have regained control of most of the territory in Afghanistan, the American puppet, President Ashraf Ghani, controls only Kabul.

America was justified in invading Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to give up the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, but there is no justification whatsoever for an occupation that has lasted almost two decades.

The Taliban was justified in unleashing a barrage of rockets at Kabul`s international airport, they have every right to protect the sovereignty of their nation and to seek to kill the leader of the occupying force.

The Taliban are freedom fighters and Defense Secretary James Mattis is the general of an imperial army.

The Afghan people are sick and tired of foreigners interfering in their perpetual bloodshed, they simply want the Yankees to go home.

We should allow the Afghan people to slaughter each other in peace, and bring our young men and women home.

What the holy hell are we still doing in Afghanistan?

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Pennywise the Clown Makes Deliveries for Texas Donut Shop

“A Texas doughnut shop employed the help of a scary clown to make deliveries for customers looking to creep out their friends or loved ones.

The Frisco-based Hurts Donut shop shared photos of the menacing clown, reminiscent of Pennywise from Stephen King`s It, who would be delivering doughnuts for two days of early Halloween mischief.


I love horror flicks but I haven`t seen Stephen King`s “IT” because I`m terrified of clowns in general, and Pennywise in particular.

I hope Hurts Donut shop has liability insurance up the wazoo, because if Pennywise shows up at a homeowner`s door with a bag of donuts he`s going to end up with more holes than his donuts.

I know that if Pennywise knocks on my door, my first reaction will be to wet my drawers, and my second reaction will be to grab my shotgun.

I do love me some donuts though, right after I dispatch the Pennywise wannabe to hell, I`d grab his bag of donuts.

Since Halloween is right around the corner let me take this opportunity to beg parents not to dress their children like clowns, they may not make it home in one piece.

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