In a Sane World Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Would Settle Things in a Death Match

I always feared that if nuclear war broke out it was because a hyper-nationalist Russian Federation overreached and invaded one of the Baltic States, drawing NATO into the conflict which escalates into a nuclear conflagration.

Another likely scenario: The People`s Republic of China invades the island republic of Taiwan, and the United States is forced to defend Taiwan under the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty and soon there are mushroom clouds over Beijing and Washington.

And there`s always the possibility that Israel`s archenemy Iran will miscalculate and attack Israel with swarms of missiles and the Jewish nation will have no choice but to respond with nuclear bombs.

But I never dreamed that a nuclear holocaust would be unleashed because the President of the United States and the Dear Leader of North Korea
engaged in a pissing contest, exchanging apocalyptic broadsides culminating in a nuclear winter.

American presidents from George H.W. Bush to Barack Obama didn`t overreact when Kim Jung-un`s grandfather and father hurled bombastic threats, they were confident as leader of the free world and didn`t see a need to match the inflammatory rhetoric of a 3rd world tinpot dictator.

It`s too bad a naked Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un can`t settle their differences in a death cage death match, and not endanger the lives of millions of people.

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Kim Jong-un Sashays Over Donald Trump’s Red Line! Now What?

Rule Number 1 for surviving in cold and cruel world: Never (ever) make a threat that you aren`t able and willing to carry out.

If I yell at my next-door neighbor “If you blast your redneck music again tonight when I`m trying to sleep I`m going to knock the crap out of you,” and then he plays “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” at full volume on an endless loop that same night, and I`m too afraid to confront him, my fate has been sealed, I will never again enjoy a good night`s sleep.


Which brings us to the Blowhard-in-Chief Donald Trump, he warned Pyongyang it would face “power, the likes of which this world has never seen before” if the renegade state continued to threaten the United States.

Keep in mind that everybody knows how Kim Jong-un rolls, almost every day for the last six years he has issued an apocalyptic warning directed at America.

Sure enough within an hour after Trump delivered his fire and brimstone warning the pudgy dictator threatened to launch missiles at Guam. Lil` Kim is basically saying: Now What?

In 2013 President Barack Obama warned that if Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people it would trigger an American military response. But when the inevitable happened, Obama failed to keep his promise, and Trump has never let him forget it.

There is no quicker way for an American president to lose favor with the American public and credibility with the international community than by drawing a line in the sand, and then failing to act.

Kim Jong-un sashayed over Trump`s red line, and the only “fire and fury” is emanating from the Orange Buffoon`s arse as he farts away in frustration.

Nobody will believe Trump`s future warnings, he has succeeded in making the likelihood that the Korean crisis will go nuclear so much higher.

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‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ Considering Name Change to ‘Dunkin’! Say it Ain’t So!

Sometimes on my way to work when I`m craving a delicious sugary donut and a steaming hot cup of coffee, I stop at a Dunkin` Donuts. I know that I can consume my calories and caffeine in safe place where millennial scum and trendy hipsters seldom venture.


You won`t find any such riff raff at Dunkin` Donuts it`s a home away from home for cops, construction workers and common folks.

If it`s a cup with your name written on it that you want, or a Wi-Fi hotspot go to Starbucks, Dunkin` Donuts is for real folks.

Today I found out the horrible news that the iconic donuts chain is contemplating a name change to: Dunkin`

Dunkin` Donuts is obviously trying to appeal to millennials who are triggered by the wonderful word “Donuts.” The venerable donut chain is playing with fire, if they alienate their loyal customer base by deleting “donuts” from their name, I predict they will go out of business in a few years.

Scripture warns us not to tamper with iconic names that have made America the greatest nation on Earth:

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and there be many Starbucks along the way, but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and there be a few Dunkin` Donuts along the way.

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Hillary Clinton Wore a Dress, a Blue Dress! Is the World Coming to an End?

“Hillary Clinton stepped out with husband, former President Bill Clinton, on Sunday to attend the wedding of Sophie Lasry, 24, the daughter of Avenue Capital Group founder Marc Lasry. The Clintons and Lasry are good friends — and Lasry was also reportedly a top donor to Clinton`s 2016 presidential campaign.”



It`s amazing that Hillary Clinton attended a social function with her husband in tow, usually she`s paired with her lesbian lover Huma Abedin. Although Huma was also in attendance, looking beautiful in a virginal white dress.

What`s even more amazing is that Hillary wore a dress, the former First Lady wears a dress as often as a nun wears a mini skirt. It may have resembled a smock or a Mumu, but for God`s sake it was a dress.

And it was a blue dress at that, after Monica Lewinsky`s infamous DNA-encrusted blue dress, you`d think that last thing in the world Hillary would want to put on was a blue dress.

America may be going to hell in a handbasket with Donald Trump as president, but anytime I read an article about Hillary I`m reminded that things could be worse, much worse.

Proof Hillary wore a dress:

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Demon Possessed Malia Obama Rocks Out at Lollapalooza: Video

Last year Malia Obama skipped the Democratic National Convention in order to twerk like a stripper on crack at the Lollapalooza concert in her hometown of Chicago. Since that outrageous spectacle Malia took a year off instead of attending Harvard, and it`s save to conclude that she didn`t spend her time off meditating, seeking spiritual enlightenment or serving the poor.

Article I wrote last year:

Malia Obama Disrespects Her Father and Shames America by Twerking Like a Stripper

Malia Obama attended Lollapalooza again this year, and her histrionics at the music festival made her theatrics last year seem like she was attending a concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Homegirl was rolling around in the mud, and pounding the ground with her fists. Malia was either under the influence of drugs, demon possessed, or engaged in performance art declaring her wanton nature.

I`m not a psychologist, theologian or drug addiction counselor, in my layman`s perspective she`s just a drunken degenerate flying her freak flag high.

Barack Obama is no longer president, so as far as I`m concerned Malia can act the whore all day and all night long. My only complaint is why is the Secret Service still protecting this woman who is an embarrassment to our democracy?


Cool Cat High Fives and Fist Bumps His Owner: Video

My pooch, Mandy, is very eager to please, and with a minimum of effort I might succeed in teaching her a few tricks, but truth be told, I`m too lazy and she`s too stupid. The only trick she`s mastered is to come running when I call her to dinner.


My cats, Tico and Ebony, have learned a lot of tricks on their own, they`ve become versed on opening kitchen cabinets in search of treats, and they got the knack of jumping on my remote control to change the channel when I`m watching a program that doesn`t align with their aesthetic sensibilities.

But they would never deign to learn a trick that would make me look good in front of my friends and family, like rolling over, playing dead or shaking my hand.

Here`s a cool cat who`s learned how to high five and fist bump, most human beings can`t high five or fist bump without looking like spastic nerds.

If I showed this video to my felines on my cellphone they would probably cough up a hairball on it, they don`t cotton to obsequious cats.

Double Rainbow Appears Over White House! Divine Sign the Almighty Will Smite Donald Trump!

“President Donald Trump left Washington to speak at a rally in West Virginia on Friday and a double rainbow was spotted over the White House.”


Yahoo News

When a rainbow appears in the skies, after a downpour, we marvel at the awesome sight, and are subconsciously reassured that there`s always hope after the storm.

After the most horrible downpour in human history the Biblical flood, Jehovah declared that the rainbow was a sign that he would never again destroy humanity with a flood. The fire next time …

The double rainbow that appeared over the White House after Donald Trump had left Washington to speak at a political rally in West Virginia is a divine sign that the downpour of lies and obscenities emanating from the White House will soon come to an end, hopefully before 2020.

If humanity survived the flood, we will also survive the Trump administration. But don`t sit on your ass waiting for the Almighty to smite the orange bastard. Do everything in your power to bring down Trump, as a humble blogger I promise to continue to write hundreds of essays exposing Trump until he`s impeached and removed from power.

Pic of the double rainbow:

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Local Milk People United Against Donald Trump

“Newly published transcripts of January phone calls between President Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Australia didn`t just give people an opportunity to see how Trump discussed matters with international leaders at the time. One conversational snippet has given the internet a primo meme opportunity.

Published Thursday by the Washington Post, the transcripts showed that Trump had a combative conversation Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about a plan to accept hundreds of refugees from offshore detention centers near to Australia.

`I guarantee you they are bad. That is why they are in prison right now. They are not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people,` Trump said, seemingly a reference to the massive U.S. dairy industry.

Yahoo News

Holy Cow, Donald Trump is an idiot, I am going to hop on the bandwagon and milk this story for all it`s worth.

After all the free publicity that Trump has given milk, wonderful milk, I`m sure that he will be offered a job as CEO of the California Milk Advisory Board when he`s impeached and removed from office.

Who are these “milk people” that Trump referenced, common sense would lead us to conclude that he was referring to employees of the dairy industry. But who knows? In Trump`s vision of Making America Great Again, our country isn`t polluted by Muslim refugees or Mexican immigrants, there is only a homogeneous population where white milk people deliver milk (no chocolate milk) to the homes of milk-complexioned Americans.

I`m old enough to remember the days when milkmen (there were no milkwomen) delivered milk to our front doors. But those weren`t halcyon days, at least not for minorities, and I have no desire to Make America Great again in the racist image of Donald Trump and his ilk.

I love me some milk, and if I`m at a restaurant I don`t care if it`s an Hispanic, Black, or Arab waitperson who pours me my favorite beverage.

That`s enough milk-flavored news for today, if I don`t end my article even my readers who aren`t lactose intolerant are going to get sick.

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The Mooch Will Return! God Help Us All!

“But what about Scaramucci? What are the SkyBridge Capital founder`s plans now that he is no longer a part of the White House? According to what he told the Huffington Post recently, nothing.


`I am now going to go dark,` the Mooch explained when asked about his future, political or otherwise. `Then I will reemerge as me.`”


I don`t have a degree in abnormal psychology, however I will attempt to decipher the Mooch`s declaration.


Scaramucci sold his company so he could be eligible for a White House position, and he missed the birth of his son so he could be with the president as he embarked on his new career as the White House Communications Director, only to be summarily fired by the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly after only 11 days.

It`s understandable that some political analysists interpreted the phrase “I am now going to go dark,” as a threat meaning that he was going to go full evil and return to the White House and burn it down, or at least tweet profane remarks about every member of the Trump administration.

But Scaramucci`s evil thermostat is permanently set on high, and his default mode is “dark as hell,” it`s impossible for him to turn up the evil factor a notch.

I believe that the Mooch meant that he was going to avoid the spotlight and keep a low profile – for a while. This is quite the sacrifice for the Mooch, we all know how much he loves the Klieg lights. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he will be spending his down time plotting his revenge.


A leopard doesn`t change his spots, and a worm never turns into a butterfly, Mooch isn`t going to reemerge as a normal human being.

We`ve all seen horror flicks where the monster is killed, only to reemerge to continue his killing spree.

For the love of God, will somebody please frontstab or backstab the Mooch (metaphorically speaking) while he`s in hibernation.

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President of Venezuela Taunts Clown Donald Trump

“President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela taunted President Trump in response to the sanctions the U.S. placed on the country on Monday, reports Reuters.


In doing so, the Venezuelan president took aim at an apparent soft spot-Hillary Clinton`s popular vote win in the 2016 election.

Maduro said, `In the United States it`s possible to become president with 3 million votes less than your opponent. What a tremendous democracy!`

`I don`t take orders from the empire. Bring on more sanctions, Donald Trump,` Maduro added.”


Venezuela`s Sunday election, which granted Maduro power to rewrite the nation`s constitution, and basically turned the country into a one-party state has been condemned by the civilized world.

Sanctions are ineffectual against tyrants and dictators, it`s not surprising that Maduro is taunting Trump to “bring on more sanctions.”

Maduro makes an excellent point, how dare Trump who received 3 million less votes than Hillary lecture Maduro on the finer points of democracy.

Trump has too many internal problems to be meddling around in the affairs of another country.

I`m not going to expend any energy protesting that election farce that just took place in Venezuela; I`m devoting my time and energy as a writer advocating for the impeachment of Trump and the restoral of democracy in America.

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