Giant Trump Baby Will Fly Over London for Donald Trump’s Visit

“Plans to fly a giant inflatable figure depicting Donald Trump as a baby over London during the US presidents visit have been approved.

Mr Trump is due to meet Theresa May at 10 Downing Street on 13 July.”


Friday the 13th will be an unlucky day for Donald Trump, he will suffer the humiliation of watching Trump Baby fly over London when he meets with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

To add insult to injury London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave the permission for the balloon to fly, you might remember that Trump unfairly attacked Khan in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack.
Trump Baby is a perfect representation of Trump, from its tiny hands to its ridiculous yellow hair to its permanently agape mouth.

The @realDonaldTrump is a notoriously thin-skinned narcissist who erupts in a Twitter rage at the slightest perceived insult, Trump Baby is also thin-skinned and he`s at the mercy of birds of the air and their sharp beaks.

Trump is a fat blimp full of hot air although he will never achieve enough lifting force to get off the ground; Trump Baby is full of helium and fortunately to the amusement of onlookers and the consternation of the American president he will soar in the skies over London.

Trump Baby is legitimate protest and a glorious expression of free speech, if I had discretionary income I would fly to London to witness this marvelous historical moment.

Fly Trump Baby, Fly High and Proud!

Cat Suffers Serious Burns After Collar Melts in the Hot Weather

“A warning has been issued to pet owners after a collar melted and caused serious burns to a cats neck. Kim Mills recently bought the reflective collar by Ancol for her cat Megatron. Just days after putting it on him, she noticed that he was uncomfortable. `I checked the collar and the plastic clip had melted and fused to Megatron`s skin. He must have been in agony,` Mills said.

`When we took the collar off there was fur and skin fused to it, and a horrible burn wound on my cat`s neck.`”

In these dog days of summer we must keep in mind that hot asphalt can burn your dog`s paws, but cats can also suffer from the sweltering heat.

A kitty who was wearing a plastic reflective collar suffered serious burns to his neck when it melted under the hot sun.

I commend Megatron`s owner for fitting her cat with a reflective collar, but no dog or cat should be out too long in the unrelenting heat of summer.

If Megatron was kept inside all the time he would be safe not only from the heat, but from cars, predators and ticks and fleas.

Enjoy the summer sun, but keeps your pets out of the brutal heat.

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Should Patriotic Americans Celebrate Independence Day Under the Fascist Trump Regime?

President Donald Trump celebrated Independence Day by golfing and setting of an explosion of incendiary tweets, in which he lied about President Barack Obama secretly granting citizenship to thousands of Iranians as part of the nuclear disarmament negotiations, called a congresswoman crazy and corrupt, and for good measure misspelled “Independence Day.”

But how should patriotic Americans celebrate the Fourth of July under the Trump regime that`s declared war on the institutions and principles that we celebrate on this uniquely American holiday, namely freedom of the press, an independent judiciary, and welcoming immigrants with love?

It`s hardly surprising that according to Gallup fewer than half of adults, 47 percent, call themselves extremely proud to be an American.

I`m not feeling very patriotic, would it be a sham to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks, knowing that Trump has made America a pariah in the international community?

America will survive the infestation of the criminal Trump family and his enablers in Congress, and with a view towards the future I will celebrate Independence Day!

But at the same time I will continue to denounce Trump`s fascist and racist policies, and this essay is proof that the fireworks and revelry of this holiday won`t distract me from fighting the evil Trump regime.

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Trump Puppet Jim Jordan Accused of Ignoring Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Ohio State University

You can`t spot a sexual pervert by his physical appearance, they don`t all have furtive eyes, a lascivious smirk, and wear a trench coat.

But if there was such a thing as a stereotypical look for a deviant it would be Rep. Jim Jordan. I can imagine him rolling up his shirt sleeves, saying a prayer, before peeking into a bedroom window to ogle a nine-year-old boy.

Let`s just say I wasn`t surprised that former student wrestlers accused Jordan of knowingly ignoring sexual abuse allegations while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

The hardline conservative is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, the extreme-right group within the House Republican Conference. Extreme conservatives, especially if they are evangelicals are usually hiding all manners of perversion.

Is anyone surprised that the douchebag who vociferously defends the most corrupt and incompetent president in history would also protect a creep who preys on vulnerable university students? Click this link for complete details of the Jordan sex scandal:

Birds of a feather flock together, it seems that most of Trump`s sycophants and enablers in his administration and in Congress are some seriously twisted individuals.

In a perfect world, and I`m a cold cynic who realizes that this world is far from perfect, Jordan would be impeached followed shortly by the impeachment and removal from office of the orange baboon who isn`t my president.

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Was Jesus a Stoner?

“JESUS used cannabis and was an early champion of its medicinal properties, a growing consensus of experts agree.

Cannabis historian, author and journalist David Bienenstock is one who believes cannabis oil even explains the `miracles` attributed to Jesus.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, he said: `Historical records show that cannabis was widely available at the time – they would`ve known how to grow it and exploit its medicinal properties.`

`There is nothing different in the efficacious cannabis oil used today that wouldn`t have been available to people in Jesus` time – it`s simply a matter of concentrating the cannabis into the oil and absorbing it through the skin.“”

The Daily Star

According to the Daily Star Jesus Christ was a stoner, granted the Daily Star is a British tabloid and we shouldn`t accept everything they print as Gospel, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

David Bienenstock is a cannabis historian and one of the leading proponents of the thesis that Jesus was an early champion of its medicinal properties.

I`m not a cannabis historian or a renowned stoner like Snoop Dogg, but the Jesus depicted in history books and Bibles looks like the quintessential stoner. Think about it, he wears sandals, a long flowing robe, and has long hair, the only thing missing is flowers in his hair.

I wouldn`t go as far as Bienenstock and claim that Jesus Christ`s miracles can be attributed to the medicinal properties of the holy weed, but why would the 12 apostles follow him around everywhere if he wasn`t sharing his heavenly stash with them?

Jesus had a peaceful temperament, and traveled about spreading good vibes, that aptly describes the typical pot user.

I would highly recommend that white evangelicals shill the hell out, and smoke a little weed, it might make them more like Jesus.

I hope nobody thinks this lighthearted essay is sacrilegious, I`m not denying the divinity of Jesus, I`m just saying that Jesus was a really cool dude who probably smoked reefer.

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Shame on Uncle Tom Sen. Tim Scott for Supporting and Enabling Donald Trump

Last December when Republicans celebrated the passing of an overhaul of the nation`s tax system that benefits the wealthy and penalizes the poor, President Trump was surrounded by white GOP congressmen and senators. The only black politician I could see was conveniently standing next to Trump, and that was Sen. Tim Scott wearing his patented Uncle Tom grin.

Scott may be the first black senator elected in the South since Reconstruction, but he`s nothing but a prop and a token in the racist Republican Party. The GOP doesn`t need a weasel like Booker T. Washington in its ranks, it needs a stalwart advocate for civil rights like Martin Luther King Jr., and Scott ain`t no MLK.

When Scott had a private conversation with Trump on the issue of race, he called them “difficult and uncomfortable,” but he also said “they gave him reason to be hopeful.” Scott met with Trump at the White House last year after the President faced universal criticism for his Charlottesville comments asserting there was blame on both sides.

Scott`s assessment of his talk with Trump is as outrageous as a prominent Jew having a conversation with Hitler on the issue of anti-Semitism and then declaring: The conversation was difficult and uncomfortable, but I have reason to be hopeful.

Pray tell Mr. Scott, what the hell gives you reason to be hopeful? Throughout his presidential campaign and throughout his first 500 days in office, Trump has repeatedly uttered racist comments, and his racist rhetoric has led to racist policies and laws.

Scott claims that Trump isn`t racist, but can be racially insensitive. Scott is a moron and an Uncle Tom, and he`s almost as reprehensible as the racist he enables and supports.

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My Top Ten Secret Service Code Names for Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will be assigned a Secret Service detail to protect her private residence temporarily, sources told CNN. The security detail could start protecting Sanders as soon as Wednesday, but sources did not specify how long the arrangement would last.”

The Daily Best












What do you think should be her Secret Service Code Name?

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Woman Angry With Order Bites Restaurant Owner’s Ear Off

“A woman angry about her food order from a Chinese restaurant allegedly bit part of the owner`s ear off during an altercation.

Authorities said Jade Anderson, 24, of Mount Clemens, entered China 1 at about 9:40 p.m. and started complaining to the restaurant`s owners, a man and his wife, about an order she received. Because of a language barrier, the pair`s son translated what Anderson was saying.

Authorities said Anderson pushed the son and threw the food on the floor before she began assaulting the woman owner. When the woman`s husband stepped in to help, Anderson began assaulting him as well. During the attack, she bit part of the man`s ear off, authorities said.”

Click on Detroit

Who hasn`t verbally chewed a restaurant owner`s ear off after an unpleasant dining experience, but it`s a horse of a different color for a restaurant patron to go full Mike Tyson and bite the owner`s ear off during a vicious fight.

Whenever I enter a sketchy Chinese eating establishment I`m well aware that the Sesame chicken might really be dog or rat, but I will never willingly eat a human ear.

I`m tempted to call Anderson an animal, but I have too much respect for animals, so I will simply refer to her as a steaming pile of human excrement.

Anderson was charged with assault with intent to maim, and she will probably also be charged with child neglect, because she left a small child alone at home.

It won`t do this finicky eater any good to complain that there are rat droppings in her bologna sandwich when she`s behind bars.

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Abolish ICE!

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was formed pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, following the events of September 11, 2001.”


ICE was created in the aftermath of the paranoia and xenophobia that infected our democracy in the aftermath of 9/11.

Nearly two decades after the terrorist attack that shook our nation to the core we must remain vigilant against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, but at the same time we must overturn the Patriot Act, abolish ICE and restore the civil liberties that were stripped from us in the jingoistic spirit that permeated post 9/11 America.

“ICE operates detention centers throughout the United States that detain undocumented immigrants who are apprehended and placed into removal proceedings. About 34,000 people are held in immigration detention on any given day, in over 200 detention centers, jails, and prisons nationwide.”


Until recently only undocumented families living in America were aware of the brutal tactics of ICE (La Migra), but under the Trump regime that criminalizes immigrants and treats them like dogs, mainstream America has come to know and loathe ICE.

A democracy shouldn`t tolerate detention centers where innocent children and adults who committed the misdemeanor of crossing the border are treated like criminals.

“Abolish ICE” shouldn`t just be the rallying cry of leftist activists, it should be the mantra of every red-blooded America who values democracy and freedom.
ICE agents have become the face of the Trump administration`s inhumane immigration policy, they resemble the Gestapo more than a law enforcement agency.

No more ICE raids that terrorize minority communities! No more ICE detention centers! No more deporting people who have lived in the US for years back to countries engulfed in violence and crime. Abolish ICE! For God`s sake Abolish ICE!

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Dunkin’ Donuts Fries Available Nationwide on July 2

There are two red-letter days in July, 2018, July 4 of course when we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and July 2 when Dunkin` Donuts fries will be available in the original 13 original colonies and every other state in the United States of America.

What a great country we live in, this Independence Day Americans will be feasting on hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and Dunkin` Donuts fries.

For those living under a rock for the last few months, Dunkin` Donuts fries are warm buttery croissant style donuts tossed in brown sugar shaped like French fries.

I don`t work for the Dunkin` Donuts marketing department, but like Homer Simpson and every other red-blooded American I love me some regular French fries, and I salivate at the prospect of devouring Dunkin Donuts fries.

Nothing good lasts forever, and Dunkin` Donut fries will be available for a limited time only, on July 2 stock up on these delicious fries so you can celebrate Independence Day with style.

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