Must See Video! Toddler Not Impressed When She Meets Baby Bro For First Time!

Bundle of Joy?

During the 2012 Olympic Games in London, United States gymnast McKayla performed a nearly flawless vault, leading most experts to believe she would win the gold medal for the competition. Maroney ended up taking the silver medal, and while on the winner`s podium, she was photographed making a scowling expression. The photograph became an international meme, and Maroney`s “I`m not impressed” expression was ubiquitous on the Internet for months and years. As great an impact as the gifted gymnast had on her sport, her greater impact was on our culture at large, her “McKayla is not impressed face,” has become a defining moment for the digital age.

Ella, a toddler, doesn`t know McKayla from her droopy drawers, and she can barely walk, let alone perform gymnastics, but she channeled McKayla when she was introduced to her baby brother for the first time.

Ella was certainly not impressed when a woman hands her her baby brother, she barley budges and looks off into the far distance. I`m not saying Ella is a psychopath, but I wouldn`t be surprised if this nascent sibling rivalry ends with the death of the clueless baby.

The proud dad writes that Ella`s reaction is priceless, no the reaction when one day he checks on the infant sleeping in his crib, and finds him dead will be priceless.

I empathize with Ella, I love puppies, kittens and butterflies but babies leave me cold. If a proud mother makes the mistake of handing me her baby, I will also look at it as if I`m holding a sack of crap.

Arab Christians in Israel Go Bonkers Over Sculpture of Ronald McDonald on a Cross

“Hundreds of Arab Christian demonstrators clashed with police in Haifa on Friday over a museum`s display of a sculpture depicting Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food giant, on a cross, amid calls to remove the artwork that some have called offensive.

Police said a few hundred protesters tried to force their way into the Haifa Museum of Art during the demonstration and that three officers were injured by rocks hurled at them.

The Times of Israel

The Holy Land is a tinderbox of religious passions, the slightest perceived provocation can result in a holy conflagration.

If the sculpture of Ronald McDonald on a cross was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City even the most devout Christian would shrug, but in Israel it ignites sectarian violence.

Protesting art because it`s offensive makes as much sense as protesting streetwalkers because they are scantily attired. Great art, not implying that the Ronald McDonald sculpture is a masterpiece, is often offensive. Art often takes us out of our comfort zone, and makes us ponder difficult issues.

A superficial reaction to Finnish artist Jani Leinonen artwork is that he`s suggesting that Jesus is as much a clown and a fictional character as the McDonald`s mascot.

A more nuanced interpretation is that Jesus Christ, the sinless One, died for our sins, but Ronald McDonald the mascot of a greedy international corporation is crucified for hastening the death of millions around the world. You don`t need to be a physician or a nutritionist to realize that fast food leads to obesity and premature death.

Some prosperity Gospel ministers believe that Jesus didn`t just die for or sins, but that he died for diseases as well, and all you need to do is to claim healing in the name of Jesus.

Ronald McDonald didn`t take upon himself every disease in the world, quite the opposite he promotes diseases by shilling for McDonald`s.

In my humble opinion the Ronald McDonald sculpture is a serious work of art, and it merits contemplation and appreciation. The Arab Christians should chill the hell out.

Link to pic of Ronald McDonald on a cross:

Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden is a Vomit-Inducing Nightmare

Groper of little girls

“President Donald Trump called Joe Biden weak and said he is not worried about a potential challenge from the former vice president in the 2020 presidential race, during a phone interview with Fox News` Jeanine Pirro Saturday night.”


At this early stage of the 2020 presidential campaign former Vice President Joe Biden is the leading contender for the Democratic nomination. But considering Biden is 76 and Trump is 72, is doubtful that these surly septuagenarians will live long enough to battle it out in 2020.

There is no love lost between Biden and Trump, on occasion their rhetoric has included threats of physical confrontation. In March 2018 during a speech at the University of Miami Biden said:

They asked me if I`d like to debate this gentleman, and I said `no.` I said, `If we were in high school, I`d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.` “

Trump, the infamous counterpuncher, immediately responded on Twitter:

Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn`t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don`t threaten people Joe!

I would pay a small fortune to watch a pay-per-view death match between Crazy Joe Biden and Sociopath Donald Trump.

They would of course require a five minute break in between rounds to change their diapers and for oxygen therapy.

Trump would plant prepubescent girls on the front row to distract the notorious fondler of little girls, and Biden would seat strippers and porn stars to distract the notorious sexual predator.

Even though Trump is younger than Biden he can`t go the distance because he`s so damn fat, he would have to engineer a way to dispatch his opponent quickly.

Trump is an expert at trash talking, and he could attempt to trigger a stroke or a heart attack by attacking Biden verbally throughout the match. Some examples:

Hey Joe, your few gaffes have cost you dearly, but my loyal base finds it endearing when I spit out gaffes like a machine gun on Twitter and during my speeches.

Hey Joe, sorry your son died of terminal brain cancer, but at least he didn`t have a reputation of groping little girls.

Sorry for the mean nature of these taunts, but I`m channeling the short-fingered vulgarian.

If there`s a God in heaven Biden would die of a heart attack as a result of Trump`s cruel barbs, and Trump would die from sheer physical exhaustion.

The last thing I want to see is Trump and Biden slug it out in the 2020 presidential election.

Despite Mike Pence’s Obsequiousness Donald Trump Treats Him Like Dirt

Mr. Brown Nose

When a woman signs a contract to work as an exotic dancer at a strip club she knows that she`s in for world of humiliation besides the inherent degradation of exposing her body parts to leering and ogling men for a few dollars.

She won`t have union representation, health insurance or any fringe benefits. The owner of the club will expect her to perform lap dances and other sexual favors for paying customers, ultimately she`s as disposable as a dirty and ripped pair of thongs.

When a person accepts a position in the Trump administration he knows that he is in for a world of humiliation. We have witnessed a parade of captains of industry, educators and politicians accept positions in Trump`s administration only to resign or be fired months later with their dignity and reputation in shatters. In Trump`s world respected career politicians and even generals are as disposable as one of his wives who has reached her expiration date.

Vice President Mike Pence is no exception to this rule despite his obsequiousness and servile attitude towards his master, he has repeatedly been humiliated by him.

Trump`s treatment of Pence during the shutdown is just the latest example. Trump initially signaled that he would back a funding bill without money for his precious wall, dispatching Pence to the Senate to tell Republicans that he was on board.

But as he is wont to do Trump later reversed himself after Ann Coulter and other far right loonies ripped him a new a-hole, leaving Pence looking pitiful, powerless and pathetic.

When the government shut down, Trump again dispatched Pence to the Senate, and he worked out a compromise deal with the Democrats of only $2.5 billion in wall funding.

But Trump made his loyal second-in-command look like a fool again, bellowing at a cabinet meeting that he wouldn`t accept anything less than $5.6 billion for his wall.

I have no sympathy for a stripper who is treated like dirt as a strip club, she knew the humiliations she would suffer in her chosen profession, and I have no sympathy for anyone who accepts a position in the White House, they knew full well that the stable genius is the mayor of Crazytown.

Donald Trump’s Oval Office Address: A Nation Vomits! Video!


On Tuesday night Donald Trump delivered his first Oval Office address, the prime time speech was dedicated to his obsession of building a tower in Moscow, my bad, I mean building a wall on our southern border.

His words are of no consequence, the only things that ever emanate from his sphincter-shaped mouth are little white lies, huge ugly lies and ridiculous lies. I might as well try to parse the meanings of his farts after he gets an upset stomach from eating too many tacos and milkshakes.

Trump didn`t deviate from the script on the teleprompter, therefore he didn`t make any headlines for uttering idiotic statements as he is wont to do when he speaks extemporaneously.

There was only one stationary camera, and I had no choice but to focus on Trump`s face, and what a revolting countenance it is: the urine-colored cotton candy hair, the aforementioned sphincter-shaped mouth, the orange complexion, his double chin, and the pasty white circles around his eyes. The horror, the horror!

Although the words Trump spoke don`t matter, the way he spoke does warrant attention. Trump sometimes took no pauses between phrases, as if he wanted to get through with the damn thing as quickly as possible. Let`s just say that he`s not a master of phrasing like the late great Frank Sinatra.

Then there`s that annoying sniffling that always makes an appearance when the great bloviator makes an important speech. They say Trump doesn`t drink or do drugs, but I wouldn`t be surprised if he likes coke the drug as much as he likes Coke the soda.

If you didn`t watch the speech last night, and you have a masochistic streak, here`s a link:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Viral Video: Cat Feeds Dog Popcorn

Mat cat, Tico, takes a catnap with me every day, but she sleeps with my pooch, Mandy every night. Mandy took an instant liking to my new kitten, Hady. Mandy, who is 80-something in human years, seems to be energized by watching Handy run circles around her. Whoever said that cats and dogs don`t get along is doggone wrong!

Mandy loves popcorn, whenever I eat the delicious snack I l always share with her. Here`s a heartwarming video that proves that cats and dogs love on each other, and that dogs love popcorn:

Chris Evans Calls Mike Pence an Obsequious Little Worm

Gay Gentleman

Wow. @VP is an obsequious little worm desperately trying to sanitize Trump`s lies. He has no shame. Keep tap dancing you fool. We all see you.

Chris Evans Tweet

This was the reaction of the Captain America actor after witnessing Mike Pence`s ridiculous attempt to explain Trump`s preposterous claim that past presidents had told him that building a border wall was necessary.

Trump`s claim was patently false, all the living former presidents despise him, and they have absolutely no correspondence with him. They have all made statements denouncing Trump`s proposed wall.

Journalists would be well-advised to adopt Evans` tone when faced with a staffer who is verbally contorting himself trying to explain his boss`s lies.

This is the exchange that got Evan`s blood boiling:

NBC Reporter Hallie Jackson: Which former presidents told President Trump, as he said, that he should have built a wall? All of their representatives have denied that that was the case.

Pence: I know the President has said that that was his impression from previous administrations, previous presidents. I know I`ve seen clips of previous presidents talking about the importance of border security, the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

Jackson: That`s different from telling the President, though, right?

Pence: Look, honestly, the American people, the American people want us to address this issue.

Jackson is a fine reporter, but she should have adopted a more adversarial tone, and rebuked the VP for attempting to whitewash Trump`s flagrant lie.

Pence is an obsequious little piece of shit, and covering up Trump`s lies has left him with a brown nose and a black heart.

Stripper Arrested for Posting Message Online About Shooting Up a Club

Acrobatic Stripper

“An exotic dancer in Florida has been arrested after allegedly writing about a vision she had of committing a mass shooting in a crowded place.

Brien Basarich, 31, has been charged with making a written threat to kill or injure after Lakeland Police were notified of the messages posted on Tumblr under the user name `taking-lives,` according to The Bradenton Herald, a local Florida newspaper.”


I find nothing sexy or alluring about strippers, these denizens of dark and dingy dives have soulless eyes and predatory hands. I`m convinced only cockroaches, Keith Richards and strippers will survive a nuclear Armageddon.

Judging by the strippers who frequently appear on the Jerry Springer Show, most of them are fat, slovenly and appear to be in the final stage of gonorrhea.

I`m not surprised that an exotic dancer was harboring a dark fantasy about shooting up a club or a bar on a busy night.

A stripper with a gun is a horrifying vision, but it pales in comparison to a stripper strangling a customer with a feces-encrusted thong, or an exotic dancer impaling a John with her six-inch stiletto heel.

I would run away in horror from a stripper brandishing a gun, but I would also run away from a stripper offering me a lap dance. God only knows how many venereal diseases are infesting every orifice in her body.

I have a vision of my own: Brien Basarich in a jail cell eating a bologna sandwich, regretting her decision to post her dark fantasy online.

Read More:

Ment Nelson’s Painting Perfectly Captures Kanye West’s Uncle Tom Spirit

Uncle Tom

“Ment Nelson watched the scene unfold in a YouTube clip on his phone – a rapper professing his love for the president in the Oval Office – and wanted to document the moment from the October meeting forever.

In his bedroom, Nelson began to draw and then paint and soon the Beaufort native and artist had produced a watercolor showing a grinning Kanye West with a red cap bearing the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Donald Trump`s presidential campaign. Opposite West, lipstick is seen on the cheek of a frowning Trump.”

The Island Packet

Jim Carrey isn`t the only artist expressing his loathing of Trump via his art, Ment Nelson has produced a watercolor depicting Kanye West with an Uncle Tom Grin and a frowning Donald Trump with a lipstick kiss on his orange cheek.

I`m not an artist and I can barely draw a human stick figure, but I recognize great art when I see it, and Nelson`s watercolor painting is a masterpiece.

How the mighty have fallen, Kanye West is a rapper, producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur, and he was a role model for blacks and all people of color.

Rappers are a symbol and expression of African American vitality; they are the rock stars of our generation, as they prowl the stage, rapping truth to power. Rappers ooze masculinity and confidence, as they demonstrate you don`t have to be subservient to the white power structure. For one of the kings of rap to turn into a Trump-kissing Uncle Tom house Negro is a shame and an affront to the black community.

West`s Uncle Tom grin perfectly captures his servile and submissive nature in the presence of white authority, and Trump`s frown perfectly captures his disgust at being embraced by a black man.

Trump doesn`t mind a black man shucking and jiving, but the hug crossed a red line. Trump doesn`t mind West`s support, he falsely believes it will improve his standing in the black community, but he`s still a Negro, and a Negro should never make the mistake of embracing his superior.

Kanye West is an affront to the black community in particular, and to humanity in general. Kudos to Nelson for reminding us that West is trash.

Link to pic of masterpeice:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Impeach the Expletive-Deleted


On Thursday, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib told her supporters about a heartwarming conversation she had with her son:

“Look, Mama, you won. Bullies don`t win,” Tlaib said, quoting her son. “And I said, Baby, they don`t, because we`re gonna go in there and impeach the motherfuc*er.”

Trump, in a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, condemned Tlaib`s comments as “highly disrespectful.”

Trump had the gall to trumpet:

“This is a person I don`t know, I assume she`s new. I think she dishonored herself and dishonored her family using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there.”

The short-fingered vulgarian and his white evangelical supporters would be well-advised to shut the fu*k up, lest they rightfully be accused of being hypocritical.

Kudos to Rep. Tlaib for speaking truth to power in a language that the obscenity in the White House understands.

Rep. Tlaib didn`t dishonor herself or her family, quite the opposite she gave us hope that the new Congress includes a representative committed to impeaching the motherfuc*er.