The Heavenly Choir Will be Presided Over by an EDM DJ and Not a Gospel Star

“Twin decks perched on a candlelit altar, Robert Hood mixed trademark minimalist techno with God as the charismatic producer and ordained priest wowed a packed Berlin church Friday night.

Hundreds of hip Berliners, most of whom had come to dance rather than pray, were swept along by Hood as priest-cum-DJ, as well as an amateur gospel choir and two female priests at St Thomas church in the cool if dilapidated district of Kreuzberg.

The thumping bass bass beat did its best to make the walls of the 19th century Protestant neo-gothic style church — one of the city`s largest — shake as a black-clad Hood led the proceedings and professed himself much moved by the occasion.”


There is no genre of music that can be identified as the only acceptable form of spiritual worship, the Holy Spirit moves to the beat of hip hop, centuries-old hymns, as well as country gospel.

But in my humble opinion in paradise it`s all about that bass, no treble, or country twang.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and minimal techno in particular has a hypnotic repetitive beat that will lift your spirits to a trance, fugue state or spiritual epiphany if you will.

The heavenly choir will be presided over by a DJ like Robert Hood and not a Gospel star like Kirk Franklin.

Hood an ordained minister as well as a DJ makes the walls of his 19th century gothic style church shake, and the spirits of his flock tremble as they dance to the techno beat and contemplate the divine.

If you`re walking by a church and you hear the congregation singing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and you walk by another church and all you hear is the thump, thump thump of EDM don`t assume that one church is of God and the other one is of Satan.

It`s all good!

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Jim Carrey Depicts Donald Trump as a Horse’s Ass in Latest Masterpiece

“Never work with children or animals. They are scene stealing and completely unpredictable – I mean children and animals.”

W.C. Fields

Jim Carrey certainly knows the truth of that old show business adage, in the film “Mr. Popper`s Penguins” eight penguins stole the spotlight from Jim him in the family friendly flick.

Actor turned artist Jim Carrey depicted President Donald Trump as a horse`s ass in his latest artwork.

Carrey depicted Trump as a horse`s ass in his fiery exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta in Wednesday`s press conference.

Trump looks like an animal, unfortunately he doesn`t resemble a cute puppy or an adorable kitten, but a diseased orangutan.

Nevertheless he always steals the spotlight because he babbles and acts like a child throwing a tantrum.

I don`t envy the White House press corps, it`s almost an impossible task gleaning any important information from a vulgar man-baby.

Carrey never won an Oscar for his work as a thespian, but he certainly deserves the highest award in art.

Link to pic of Carrey`s masterpiece:

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Michelle Obama: When They Go Low, We Go High

In the summer of the 2016 presidential campaign when Donald Trump was viciously attacking his Republicans challengers and Democrats alike, Michelle Obama famously said: When they go low, we go high.

That statement embodied the Obama`s optimistic message of hope, forgiveness and change. The Obama administration gave us hope of a post-racial society where racial harmony and the brotherhood of man reign supreme. But all of our hopes for a more perfect union were demolished with Donald Trump`s victory.

The Trump regime is marked by income inequality, violence against women, white supremacy, xenophobia and nativism, and we should no longer abide by Michelle Obama`s famous saying.

You fight fire with fire, and when Trump and his enablers and sycophants go low, we should aim high and kick them right in the balls.

Hopefully our national nightmare will end soon with Trump`s impeachment and removal from office, but until that glorious day arrives we must punch back at the bully-in-chief.

We love you Michelle Obama but our new motto is: When they go low, we go postal.

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Donald Trump is a Master at Projection


An unconscious self-defense mechanism characterized by a person unconsciously attributing their own issues onto someone or something else as a form of delusion and denial.

A way to blame others for your own negative thoughts by repressing them and then attributing them to someone else. Due to the sorrowful nature of delusion and denial it is very difficult for the target to be able to clarify the reality of the situation.

A way to transfer guilt for your own thoughts, emotions and actions onto another as a way of not admitting your guilt to yourself.

Urban Dictionary

Donald Trump is constantly criticized because he`s such a horrible human being, but like most psychopaths he`s a master at projection.

During Wednesday`s press conference Trump employed this tactic when reporters asked him legitimate questions about his nasty tone and racist rhetoric.

When PBS`s Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump in a measured tone whether his decision to call himself a “nationalist” may have emboldened white nationalists, he angrily replied:

I don`t know why you`d say that, such a racist question. I don`t believe that, I don`t believe it. To say that, what you said, is so insulting to me.

Trump calling himself a “nationalist” is one of the symphony of dog whistles that he has employed to appeal to his racist base. It is the epitome of projection for a brazen racist to call a black journalist a racist for merely doing her job.

When CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked about a racist, anti-immigration commercial, that even Fox News stopped airing, Trump bit his head off screaming that he was “a rude and terrible person.”

Acosta is a dogged reporter in the mold of Sam Donaldson, but he`s neither rude or a horrible person. Mocking losing Republican candidates who didn`t ask Trump to campaign for them because they were running in suburban districts where`s he`s anathema is the very definition of a rude and terrible person.

Trump`s strategy of projection isn`t fooling anyone, he`s universally despised in the homeland and around the globe.

Yamiche Alcindor and Jim Acosta are a dutifully serving the nation by holding Trump accountable for his toxic words. They will go down in history as heroes for speaking truth to power, and Trump will go down in history as a rude and terrible president.

Old Codger Forgives Pooch Who Shot Him

“A 74-year-old man who was shot by his dog while hunting in New Mexico says he forgives the 120-pound Rottweiler-mix named Charlie.

`He`s a good dog,` Tex Gilligan, recovering in Texas after the accidental shooting, told ABC News. “`He] did not mean to do it,` he said.

Gilligan was in the New Mexico desert hunting jackrabbits when Charlie, one of three dogs with him at the time, reportedly caught his paw on the trigger of the gun and fired a shot which hit Gilligan in the back through the driver`s seat.”


A septuagenarian has no business driving, let alone hunting, at that advanced age your vision is shot, your reflexes are as slow as molasses, and your mind is on permanent vacation.

Gilligan`s license should be suspended, his hunting rifles should be confiscated, and he should be confined in a rest home where the most dangerous weapon at his disposal would be a plastic butter knife.

Gilligan doesn`t deserve any credit for forgiving his pooch, he`s the one who left the gun positioned in the truck with the barrel facing up, towards the driver.

I respect the elderly and when I see my eighty-something neighbor raking the leaves on his front lawn I wave hello, but if I saw him loading a rifle into his vehicle I would pray that the Grim Reaper would pay him a visit.

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Silly Chelsea Handler Poses Semi-Nude to Encourage Her Followers to Vote Blue

“The outspoken former talk show host, who has been very vocal about her political leanings in recent months, stripped down to next to nothing in an effort to promote voter participation in the upcoming midterm elections, which take place on Tuesday.

Handler took to Instagram rocking nothing more than a pair of black lace underwear, and covering her chest with her arm, while standing around in a sizeable dressing room.

“You have to vote, like your life depends on it. Vote!” a mostly nude Handler playfully intoned, before detailing her upcoming engagements stumping for Democratic California congressional candidates Katie Porter and Gil Cisneros.”


Kudos to Chelsea Handler for going to extreme measures in an effort to promote voter participation in the midterm elections. I share her desire to flip the House and the Senate as a check on Donald Trump. Over the last couple of years I`ve written hundreds of anti-Trump essays, but I`m not going to post a pic of myself in my tighty whities to urge people to vote. That would have the opposite effect of making voters turn away from politics altogether.

Although I appreciate Handler`s enthusiasm I question her judgement, a pic of a semi-nude 43-year-old woman isn`t going to convince anyone to vote. In fact only a boob would be persuaded to vote by a topless photo of a woman past her prime.

Screw anyone who thinks I`m guilty of body shaming, anyone who posts a semi-nude image of himself/herself on social media is inviting praise as well as criticism.

But Handler`s point is well taken, for God`s sake vote blue to emasculate the racist buffoon sitting in the Oval Office.

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America Will Do the Right Thing and Vote Blue! Trump Will be Humiliated!

On Election Day 2016 Americans elected an ignoramus President of the United States. Under the guise of not being politically correct Trump ran an openly racist and nativist campaign, and under the cover of an anti-establishment stance we held our noses and elected him to the highest office in our land.

The message was dutifully sent: A pox on both parties, America was sick and tired of the corrupt Bush and Clinton dynasties. The message may have been delivered, but we paid a stiff price, the racist, homophobic and misogynist presidential candidate intensified his divisive rhetoric as president and through executive orders enacted policies that discriminated against women, gays and lesbians and minorities.

In these midterm elections it`s incumbent upon us to restore some semblance of checks and balances by voting blue and flipping the House and Senate.

The electorate that elected Trump in 2016 is not who we truly are, we must prove to ourselves and to the world that America doesn`t tolerate nationalism, nativism, racism, homophobia and racism.

As I pen this essay the polls haven`t closed yet, but I`m optimistic that we`re going to do the right thing and flip the House and perhaps the Senate, and in the process deliver an unambiguous message to Trump.

Texans Sick and Tired of ‘Beautiful Ted Cruz’

During the 2016 presidential campaign Donald Trump mercilessly attacked Ted Cruz as `Lying Ted`. For good measure he also disparaged the looks of his wife, and claimed that his father was involved in the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy.

Naturally the press was curious how Trump could switch gears and enthusiastically support Cruz`s Senate campaign. Journalist Jonathan Karl asked Trump if Ted Cruz was still Lyin` Ted and he replied: He`s not Lyin` Ted anymore. He`s Beautiful Ted.

The nickname “Lyin` Ted” stuck like glue to Cruz, because mendacity is the essence of the Senator from Texas. It takes one to know one, and Trump christened Cruz with the perfect moniker.

I don`t think the new handle is going to stick, can you imagine a Texas redneck saying, “I`m going to vote for Beautiful Ted.”?

There is nothing beautiful about Cruz, his heart is the size and the texture of a kidney stone, his mind is a black hole where good thoughts disappear, and his face has been compared to everyone from Dracula to Grandpa Munster to ALF.

I doubt even Cruz`s homely wife has called him Beautiful Ted, Slimy bastard maybe, Zodiac Killer a-hole maybe, but Beautiful Ted, never!

If Beto O`Rourke beats Cruz I will be so overjoyed that I will call Cruz beautiful, and French kiss the ugly bastard.

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Trump’s Racist Desire to Remove Right to Citizenship for Children Born in US of Undocumented Immigrants.

If a constitutional law scholar like President Barack Obama tried to amend the Constitution with a stroke of the pen via executive action I would be alarmed.

Amending the Constitution is a laborious process, and no president however brilliant he may can change or amend the Constitution with no input from Congress.

“The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures.”

When a president who is an ignoramus and a fuc*ing moron thinks he can amend the Constitution with the stroke of a pen that`s enough to give me a stroke.

Trump is bulldozing through constitutional norms again with his suggestion that he can remove the right to citizenship for children born in America of undocumented immigrants.

This right is enshrined in the Constitution; we live in a constitutional democracy and the law isn`t what Trump says it is, and no man is above the law.

Even the stable genius must realize that he doesn`t have the power to change the Constitution all by himself, he just wants to stoke anti-immigrant passions before the midterm elections.

Let`s keep this racist in check by voting blue on November 6, 2018.

Master of Horror Stephen King Recognizes Donald Trump as a Horror Show

The ads say President Trump is delivering results. He`s also delivering hate speech, a pack of lies, and a national debt that`s going to crush our grandchildren.

Stephen King tweet

King knows horror, and he recognizes Donald Trump as the greatest horror show ever to threaten our democracy.

King is a prolific author of horror novels, and lately he`s been just as prolific on Twitter warning America about Trump.

Trump brags that he is delivering on his promise to make America Great Again, but the frightening truth is that he`s delivering hate speech, a pack of lies and an astronomical national debt.

You don`t have to be a horror master to realize that Trump is a monster who is delivering nothing but division, racism and hatred, let`s emasculate this monster on November 6, 2018 by voting blue.

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