LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill: Clueless Morons

UCLA basketball teammates LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill apologized for stealing from MULTIPLE stores, not just from Louis Vuitton, while in China.

You don`t need to be a rocket scientist or a psychologist to deduce that this isn`t the first time these student athletes/spoiled brats have shoplifted. These morons thought that their status as star athletes rendered them above the law. They might be able to get away with shoplifting in Los Angeles, but not in in a communist country.

China allowed the basketball players to leave after a few days` detention, because they didn`t want to embarrass President Donald Trump. If Trump hadn`t been in China, those idiots would be languishing in a Chinese prison.

When the players read their apologies, prepared by their lawyers, they thanked Donald Trump.

Trump had tweeted Wednesday: Do you think the three UCLA basketball players will say thank you President Trump. They were headed for 10 years in jail.

The black basketball players humiliated themselves by thanking a racist president who was publicly demanding praise. Trump may have intervened on their behalf, but they owe their freedom to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In America there`s still racism against people of color, especially African Americans, but it`s nothing like the prejudice against black people in China. Chinese perceive blacks the same way Americans did fifty years ago, namely that they are intellectually suspect, criminally-minded and inferior. These black athletes have just confirmed the Chinese perception of blacks. The Chinese are thinking that even blacks who are celebrated for their athleticism and treated like celebrities still resort to criminal activity.

Congratulations LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, y`all acting like Uncle Toms by apologizing to Trump, and lived up to the racist stereotype that Chinese have of blacks.

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Donald Trump Blasts Groper Al Franken, Gives Pedophile Roy Moore a Free Pass

President Donald Trump is displaying selective outrage over allegations of sexual harassment against prominent men in politics, as his own tortured past lingers over his response.

Trump moved quickly Thursday to condemn accusations against Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken as `really bad,` but he has remained conspicuously silent on the more serious claims leveled against Roy Moore, the Republican in Alabama`s special Senate race who faces allegations he sexually assaulted teenage girls decades ago.”


Donald Trump never hesitates to weigh in on any subject, his baby fingers are calloused from tweeting his fool head off on current events.

But Chatty Cathy has remained conspicuously silent on the serious charges leveled against Roy Moore. Almost everybody has expressed their opinion about Moore, as would be expected when a man who is running for the Senate is accused of trolling shopping malls for underage girls. The outrage that an unrepentant pedophile is running for the Senate, compels anyone with a shred of dignity to speak out against him.

Almost every prominent Republican in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, has condemned Moore in no uncertain terms.

I can understand why the Pussy Grabber-in-chief has remained silent when it comes to the egregious behavior of Moore, after all more than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual harassment and misconduct during the 2016 presidential election. Trump is aware that any discussion about sexual harassment will eventually focus on him.

Trump didn`t hesitate for a second to condemn Senator Al Franken for groping Leaeann Tweeden. Trump blasts Democrat Al Franken for groping a woman, but gives a free pass to a Republican pedophile?

Trump tweeted:

The Al Frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words. Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 while she sleeps? ..

Well we know where Trump`s deformed baby hands would have gone!

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Sheriff’s Panties in a Twist Over Truck With Anti-Trump Message

“One Texas motorist apparently found the perfect sticker to express certain feelings about how this past year has gone and so it was plastered, big and bold on the rear window of a truck.


It was eye catching, to be sure, and a picture of the truck eventually made its way all the way to the desk of Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls, who said in a Facebook post that he had received `numerous calls regarding the offensive display.`

`If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,` Nehls wrote in his message, issuing what could appear to be a thinly veiled warning.”

The Root

Everything is bigger is Texas, even bumper stickers. In fact this sign is too big to fit on the bumper, it`s a huge decal that covers most of the rear window in the patriot`s truck.

Bumper stickers are even more brief and concise that a tweet, they are meant to capture your attention, and this gentleman`s profane message has elicited as much publicity as Trump`s profane tweets.

The anti-Trump is offensive, but free speech is often offensive. The sheriff is entitled to express his disapproval of the sticker, but he is totally off base in trying to intimidate the owner of the truck into modifying his message. Fuc* the sheriff, you don`t modify free speech.

The anti-Trump sticker is nowhere near as offensive as the racist and misogynist rhetoric that emanates from the White House on a daily basis.

Sheriff get your priorities in order, you should be railing against the abomination that sits in the Oval Office.

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Joe Biden is More of a Pedophile Than Roy Moore

“Former Vice President Joe Biden would lead President Donald Trump in a 2020 general election, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Only 35 percent of voters would choose to reelect Trump in 2020, the poll shows – substantially fewer than the 46 percent who would vote instead for Biden, who said Monday that he is `not closing the door` on a third attempt at the presidency in 2020.”


I have been advocating for the impeachment of Donald Trump almost since the day of his inauguration.

I hope we won`t have to wait until 2020 for Trump to be replaced, but Joe Biden, 74, is not the answer.

Americans are horrified at the prospect of Roy Moore, the pedophile from Alabama, being elected to the Senate. Electing Biden president is infinitely worse, he habitually gropes very young girls in public. Biden`s behavior is that of an unabashed and unrepentant pedophile.

These are just two of the dozens of videos on YouTube that graphically depict Joe Biden the pedophile molesting children with the cameras rolling. There is simply no shame in Biden`s game, he molests children brazenly in public.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth an encyclopedia of evidence. Joe Biden is a child molester, let`s hope he dies before 2020.

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Roy Moore is a Pedophile and Christians Should Condemn Him

For decades Roy Moore has been an evangelical icon, he earned his Christian street cred by doing what fundamentalists excel at: Using his narrow interpretation of the Bible to demonize gays and lesbians, Muslims and feminists.

There is no nuance or diplomacy in Moore`s fiery rhetoric, he equates homosexuality with bestiality and he declared that Rep. Keith Ellison should not be allowed to serve in Congress simply because he`s a Muslim.

Moore crusades against Islam, claiming that Muslims are seeking to establish Sharia Law in the United States.

Even if Muslims really wanted to establish Shariah Law in the Unites States, they would never succeed in a democracy that is predominantly Christian.

It`s Moore who is much more likely to establish a theocracy in America, he believes in a system of government where Christian laws are the basis of all law. He`s referred to the Christian deity as the only source of our law, liberty and government.

True Christians would look askance at someone who makes an idol out of a Ten Commandments monument, but Southern white evangelicals think he`s the closest thing to God.

Religiosity covers a multitude of sins, and this sanctimonious bastard has got away with murder throughout the decades, and now he`s banking on his evangelical brethren to overlook his predilection for sexually abusing underage girls.

He might just get away with it, after all Donald Trump owes his election victory to white evangelicals.

Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion citizens are free to examine the evidence and render their opinion, and in my opinion Roy Moore is a pedophile!

The white evangelical movement in America has been hopelessly corrupted by their embrace of serial pussy-grabber Donald Trump and child molester Roy Moore.

Americans of all religious faiths and no religious faith, and especially Christians, should condemn Moore in no uncertain terms.

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Roy Moore is a Pedophile, and He Should Be Castrated

Roy Moore is a Republican, a man of God, and a pedophile.

As a young district attorney in the late 70s and early 80s, Moore trolled malls and schools, he was consumed with a holy passion to sow his righteous seed in underage girls. Moore never dated any schoolgirls without the permission of their mothers, woe unto anyone who attempts to besmirch his godly character.

Call me a godless liberal, but I believe the women who accuse Moore of sexual assault.

On Monday a fifth woman accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was just 16 years old.

Beverly Young Nelson, 53, said she met Moore in 1977 when he was a regular at Old Hickory House, where she worked as a waitress. He offered to drive her home one night, but instead he drove her to the back of the diner, groped her breasts and pushed her face toward his crotch. When she physically resisted he dumped her by the dumpster, and sped away.

Before attempting to rape the young girl Nelson signed her yearbook, the 30-year-old Moore wrote: To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A.

Everyone, male and female, can relate to Nelson`s story. I worked every summer during high school, and one year I worked in a diner as a busboy.

I remember how much it meant to have all of my classmates sign my yearbook, if a local dignitary had signed my yearbook it would have meant the world to me.

But what kind of a sick twisted 30-year-old fuc* would sign a young girl`s yearbook?

The creep wrote “D.A” or District Attorney after his name, he probably knew that the Spirit was going to come upon him and he would try to rape her, and he was reminding her that he was the law in their neck of the woods.

I`m not the sentimental type and I didn`t keep any of my yearbooks, but most people, especially women, keep theirs. For the rest of her life Nelson will be reminded that she was sexually assaulted every time she picks up her yearbook.

Roy Moore should immediately step down, he is an abomination. How would I like to see this story end? A hero takes a dull knife, and the wretched pervert sings soprano for the rest of his miserable life.

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White Evangelicals Embrace a Pussy-grabbing President and a Pedophile Senate Candidate

Will God-fearing Alabamians elect a cowboy-hat wearing, pistol brandishing, Bible-thumping, Muslim-hating, pedophile to the Senate?

The God-fearing, Bible-loving citizens of Alabama voted for Trump over Hillary 62% to 34%, and Trump is a short-fingered vulgarian, incompetent, ignorant serial pussy grabber, so yes, by God yes they will.

You can always count on evangelicals to place political expediency over decency, and these fine upright church-going folks have no moral qualms about voting for a conservative pedophile.

You can`t expect the conservative evangelical voters of Alabama to do the right thing. They will vote for the child molester, while condemning sexual immorality in Hollywood, and while they watch girl-on-girl porn in the privacy of their living rooms.

It`s up to the Senate to do the right thing, if Roy Moore wins they should refuse to seat him.

America is in a state of spiritual and political darkness, a vulgar buffoon sits in the White House, and a child molester stands a good chance of being elected to the Senate.

We must fight against the forces of darkness, Donald Trump and his evangelical enablers and make America great again.

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Donald Trump Says He Believes Putin’s Election Meddling Denials

“President Donald Trump suggested on Saturday hes done confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin over his country`s election meddling since it`s insulting to the Russian leader.

Trump said he took Putin at his word that Russia did not seek to interfere in the US presidential election last year, despite a finding from US intelligence agencies that it did. The fraught relations between the two leaders was underscored anew when Putin`s spokesman said election meddling did not come up when they spoke, even though Trump said it did.

`He said he didn`t meddle. He said he didn`t meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times,` Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One as he flew from Da Nang to Hanoi in Vietnam. Trump spoke to Putin three times on the sidelines of summit here, where the Russia meddling issue arose.

`Every time he sees me, he says, `I didn`t do that,` Trump said. `And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it.`”


The CIA, FBI, NSA and the Director of National Intelligence have concluded that Russia meddled in the United States presidential election.

Granted Donald Trump consults with himself on issues like foreign policy and security because he has a very good brain, but you`d think he`d accept the conclusion of our intelligence agencies that Russia interfered with our 2016 presidential election.

On Saturday Trump suggested he`s done confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin over his country`s election meddling since it`s insulting to the Russian Leader. It should be noted that Putin`s press secretary denied that the two leaders discussed the issue.

Of course Putin is infuriated every time Trump brings up Russian meddling in the election. If the class thug tells the class nerd, “I`m sitting next to you today, and you`d better not cover your test,” and he aces the quiz, of course he will be infuriated if the nerd accuses him of cheating. He will reprimand the nerd, telling him “I didn`t copy your answers, and if you bring up the subject again I will beat the hell out of you.”

The United States intelligence agencies, almost every Democrat and Republican in Congress and Putin himself knows darn well that Russia undermined our political process.

Everybody also knows that Trump is Putin`s little bitch, and that he states that he believes Putin`s denials, because he colluded with the Russians.

Trump may be done confronting Putin over Russia`s interference, but Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are far from finished from investigating Russian meddling.

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Artist Makes Donald Trump Action Figure Out of Old Flip Flops

“As President Donald Trump continues powering through his marathon Asia tour, he has been received with hearty hamburgers, rounds of golf, and a rare invitation to dine in China`s Forbidden City. But one tribute to the U.S. leader stood out among the rest: an action figure bearing his likeness, artfully carved out of old flip flops.

Filipino artist Elmer Padilla has made a name for himself fashioning figurines out of tsinelas, Tagalog for flip flops. His latest project is the spitting image of Donald Trump donning his signature suit, arm raised to greet a crowd.”


It`s appropriate that the Donald Trump action figure if carved out of old flip-flops considering that Trump in the King of the Flip Flops.

Trump`s flip-flops in his first 100 days:

President Flip Flops lets you wear Trump`s contradictory tweets on your flip-flops:

The Trump doll isn`t anatomically correct, once again appropriate since the real Donald Trump has a micro penis that hardly qualifies him as an anatomically correct human being.

The Trump doll probably stinks to high heaven, considering it`s made out of old flip-flops, just like Trump.

However, the doll isn`t an entirely accurate representation of our president, it has a pale white face that looks nothing at all like Trump`s pumpkin head.

The action figure is skinny, and we all know that the real Trump is a fat pig.

Finally, I take exception with the doll being called an “action figure,” I doubt if Trump can do a single push-up, jumping jack or sit-up. The only action that the doll should be capable of is squatting and farting.

The Trump doll sucks, just like Trump the man.

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Trump Tweets in China

Donald Trump, the Twitterer-in-Chief has maintained an active Twitter presence during his tour of Asia, nothing short of Nuclear Armageddon can stop the presidents tiny fingers from firing off tweets.

Trump`s first stops on his Asian tour, Japan and South Korea don`t have any restriction on Internet use, but he also tweeted while in communist China. It should be noted that China`s Great Firewall that blocks social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is almost as well known as The Great Wall of China.

China allowed Trump to tweet his fool head off, maybe because he changed his Twitter header image to one of him, Chinese president Xi Jinping, and the two first ladies surrounded by dozens of Chinese performers.

Trump`s legacy will be his obsession with Twitter, and I`m afraid that he will continue to tweet even after he dies. I`m sure hell has its own Great Firewall, but Satan might allow Trump to tweet from the pit of hell so he can continue to sow discord on Earth.

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