What’s Going to Happen When Antichrist Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis?

American evangelical leaders heartily embraced Donald Trump, and white evangelicals voters provided the impetus to push Trump over the top in a few critical states. We have evangelicals to thank for the most stupid, ignorant, vulgar, crude and egotistical president in history.

Evangelicals will never admit their mistake, even when their Messiah is eventually (God Willing) impeached, for them loyalty to Trump is as much a tenet of their faith as believing in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

Evangelicals have done serious and irreparable harm to their reputation, how the hell can anyone take these Trump lovers seriously when they preach their message of redemption and renewal in the name of Christ?

Not content with having destroyed the evangelical faith in America, Trump is now set to meet the Pope in the Vatican. On Wednesday one of the most credible and respected religious leaders of our generation will meet one of the least credible and most vilified politicians of our day.

In order to survive this meeting with his reputation intact the Vicar of Christ must refrain from diplomatic niceties and religious platitudes, and treat Trump with respect but not utter a single word of praise. Trump has destroyed evangelicalism in America, he must not be allowed to destroy Catholicism.

Trump isn`t going to experience an epiphany at 70-freaking years old, and I`m sure the Pontiff isn`t going to try to convert the old reprobate. The Pope would be better off taking Trump to the bowels of the Vatican, and having a team of exorcists attempt to drive the demons from the vulgar bastard.

When antimatter meets matter annihilation occurs, when the Antichrist Trump meets Pope Francis let`s pray that the Pontiff survives the meeting, and that Trump will be so unnerved that he will go nuts and act crazy, and be committed. Wishful thinking, Trump is already nuts, and he is already acting crazy and Republicans act as if he`s the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan.

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What a Farce! Saudi Arabia Opens Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology

President DonaldTrump on Sunday participated in the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in the Mecca for extremist ideology, Saudi Arabia. The kingdom`s major export after oil is radical Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia funds madrassas (religious schools that teach hatred toward Israel and the United States) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even in the United States.

Donald Trump, Egypt`s president Abdel al-Sisi, and Saudi Arabia`s Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud hovered over a glowing orb. When the men placed their hands on the mysterious orb, a runway lit up, revealing men (women may be allowed to polish the glowing orb but they aren`t allowed to work in the Center) and computers in cubicles.

The center will monitor extremist activity online, and the men in the cubicles will probably encourage radial Islamic propaganda online, while Saudi leaders publicly denounce ISIS.

You don`t need a glowing crystal ball to foretell that the Saudis will continue to finance international terrorism. Shame on Trump for participating in this farce.

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Melania Trump Slaps at Donald Trump When He Tries to Hold Her Hand: Video

“Melania Trump appeared to want nothing to do with President Donald Trumps hand on Monday.

After FLOTUS and POTUS arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel, for Day 3 of the administration`s first international trip, Trump reached one hand backwards toward his wife – but she quickly rebuffed the gesture with a flick of her wrist. At the time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was holding hands with wife, Sara, beside the Trumps.”

Huffington Post

We recently learned that Hillary Clinton`s debate preparation included practicing how to avoid shaking hands with Donald Trump. Nobody, friend or foe, wants to touch Trump`s hands, God only knows what that pussy-grabbing freak`s hands have touched.

Even Melania Trump doesn`t want to be anywhere near her toxic husband, she`s been safely ensconced in Trump Tower the last four months — far away from the reach of his tiny hands.

When the Trumps arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport, knowing that millions were watching on TV, Melania Trump flicked away his hand when he attempted to hold her hand.

Only diehard Trump supporters can tolerate him, it`s time to impeach him.

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Clint Eastwood: We’re Really in a Pussy Generation

“We`re really in a pussy generation. Everybody`s walking on eggshells.”

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood the star of Spaghetti Western flicks of the 1960`s is a straight shooter, he tells it like it is, and he doesn`t give a damn if he triggers snow flakes.

Political-correctness is a cancer that`s metastasizing, affecting every part of our culture. Filmmakers are afraid to tackle certain subjects, comics are afraid to utter certain words, painters are afraid to paint certain subjects, and everyday folks parse every word they speak in a work setting.

Eastwood is spot on: We are in a pussy generation. Take the word “pussy” for example, women are free to wear pussy hats, and to shout: Pussy Power! But if a man says “you are such a pussy,” he`d better be speaking to his cat, and not to friend or colleague who is exhibiting pussy-like behavior.

Just about the only context in which the word “pussy” is objectionable is when a man distills the essence of a woman to her vagina, and refers to her as a pussy. Witness, Trump boasting that he has a special dispensation by virtue of his power and celebrity to grab women by their pussy.

If a dude acts in a typically female manner, but all means call him a pussy.

if a man or woman (pussy is a non-gender specific word) acts in a cowardly fashion, by all means call him or her a pussy.

If a supervisor asks a subordinate to perform a menial task, by all means exclaim: Got to hell! I`m not a pussy!

If you are engaging in romantic foreplay with your wife or girlfriend, by all means declare: You`re my favorite pussy!

It`s alarming to the state which we have fallen, truly we are a pussy generation. We should replace the ultimate phallic symbol, the Washington Monument, with a statue of a pussy cat.

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Hillary Clinton Practiced Avoiding Donald Trump’s Hug

“Hillary Clinton`s presidential debate preparation included practicing – unsuccessfully – avoiding getting hugged by a grabby Donald Trump stand-in, a video posted Friday reveals.

The video shows Clinton on Sept. 24 walking out on a mock stage to greet a man playing the Republican nominee Trump for the prep session for the debate, which was being held two days later at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York.”


Donald Trump compensates for his diminutive hands by turning every handshake into a power play, legion are the foreign leaders who have fallen victim to Trump`s death grip.

Hillary Clinton debate preparation included practicing avoiding Trump`s embrace and handshake. If only the Democratic Party had avoided fixing the election in favor of Hillary, Bernie Sanders would have crushed Trump in the general election.

Hillary was such an ineffectual candidate that Trump got the best of her in every way possible, including devising a winning strategy for the electoral college.

One day there will be a female presidential candidate who is equal, and even superior, to every male in the field, and who will go on to be elected President of the United States. But it won`t be Hillary.

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Donald Trump Should be Impeached Sooner Rather Than Later

The Trump administration is mired in scandal, the Republican legislative agenda is in paralysis, while the president`s surrogates try to manage the chaos by issuing statements that are contradicted by the Twitterer-in-chief in the same news cycle.

The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the GOP leaders are in a perpetual state of anguish over the pandemonium swirling around the White House, but Trump who thrives in turmoil calmly tweets in the Oval Office, creating even more trouble for his handlers and advisers.

Trump could very well survive four or even eight years of scandals and controversy without suffering a heart attack or a mental breakdown, but the Republican Party, our democracy and the American people can`t endure this madness for much longer.

Trump has been in office for only four months, but the evidence is already overwhelming that he is temperamentally unfit, and intellectually incapable of being president. Trump has relied on his intuition in his career as a businessman, he has basically “winged it,” and that has led to as many bankruptcies as great deals.

But you can`t “wing it” as commander-in-chief of the greatest military in the world, without risking Armageddon. Many Democrats are praying and hoping that next year they will regain control of Congress, and be in position to impeach Trump.

But we simply can`t wait that long, it`s incumbent upon Republicans to value our country over party and begin impeachment proceedings. The bombshell news that Trump asked then FBI Director James Comey to drop his investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn may finally motivate them to do the right thing.

The longer Trump remains in power the more irreparable harm he will inflict on the GOP and our country, it`s in the best interests of Republicans, Democrats and our democracy for Trump to be impeached sooner rather than later.

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Deer Strolls into Walmart and Freaks Out Over Walmart Freaky Shoppers

“Walmart shoppers in Wadena got a real sense of the outdoors Tuesday night when a deer strolled into the store.

Stephanie Koljonen, of Wadena, witnessed the commotion.
`We were in the pet aisle when we heard what sounded like shelves falling, then a woman screaming,` she said.

“We rushed to help and that`s when we saw a deer was on the loose.`
Koljonen says a fellow shopper swooped in and corralled the deer, gently holding it and covering its eyes so it wouldn`t be spooked. That`s when Koljonen grabbed her camera. She snapped a photo and shared it on Facebook. Her post now has more than 1,000 shares. Authorities later responded and freed the deer.”


I rarely venture inside a Walmart, I value my sanity. The male Walmart shoppers look like Skid Row denizens, the females resemble contestants in a Trailer Park beauty contest, and the children look and act like Bebe`s kids.

It`s hardly surprising that the deer freaked out, I feel a sense of claustrophobia and paranoia when I`m surrounded by Walmart freaks.

Thank God for the quick-thinking Good Samaritan who held the deer, and most importantly covered its eyes so it wouldn`t see the rednecks and hood rats who populate Walmart.

Friends don`t let friends shop at Walmart!

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Die Millennials! For God’s Sake Just Die!

“Online retailer Opening Ceremony is getting into the bizarre upscale jeans trend with a pair of $425 convertible pants from Y/Project.

The `Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans` by Y/Project are composed of a pair of high-waisted booty shorts with two pant legs that connect to the shorts via buttons.

Unlike other shorts/pants combos, these ones leave a gap between the bottom of the shorts and the tops of the pant legs.”


This trend in bizarre and expensive jeans is reason #1,0001 to hate millennials. There can be no peaceful coexistence between normal people and millennials, their sense of aesthetics and their philosophy of life is anathema.

The convertible jeans are the latest weird jeans to hit the market, how can we forget the $425 jeans pre-caked with mud or the $100 pair of completely transparent clear jeans.

Millennials with their college degrees are working at Starbucks and Wal-Mart, living in their parents` basement, and relying on Uber for transportation, but they can afford a $425 pair of Jeans? Something is rotten in Denmark.

Bootie shorts and jeans are two distinct animals, and never the twain should meet. If a woman has the hips and the legs for bootie shorts, by all means she should wear them, but nobody, not even a supermodel, should wear a pair of high-waisted bootie shorts. That`s just wrong!

I am eagerly waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse, I just hope and pray that they will wipe out millennials from the face of the Earth.

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Dude Sues Date for Texting During ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

“A Texas man is suing a woman for the $17.31 he spent on a date where he claims she texted throughout the movie they attended together.

Brandon Vezmar of Austin alleges in his lawsuit that he met the woman on dating app Bumble and they went on a first date to eat pizza and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at a movie theater.

The lawsuit alleges the woman opened her phone to read and send text messages 10 to 20 times during the film.

Court papers filed by Vezmar state texting is in direct violation of the theater`s policy, [adversely] affecting the viewing experience of plaintiff and others.”


Although this Texas man might be slightly anal-retentive, texting is against the policy of most theaters, disrespectful to the audience and to your date. He should have simply deleted her phone number, and never seen her again.

Allow me to come to the defense of the woman, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is a very entertaining movie and she was probably texting her friends: I`m watching Guardians with a total loser, but you`ve got to see this movie! OMG! Baby Groot is adorable! I wish I were on a date with him!

With all due respect to the dude, if you spend less than $20 on a date, you shouldn`t expect her undivided attention.

The jackass said he decided to file the lawsuit after the woman declined to reimburse him for the $17.31 he spent on the movie tickets. Are you kidding me, he should be grateful that she didn`t go full Baby Groot tantrum on him.


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Donald Trump Impeachment Talk 24/7

When discussing Donald Trump and the Russia investigation the “I” word is now in play. I`m not talking about the word “idiot,” even most Republicans would agree that the way Trump has handled the presidency in general, and the Russia controversy in specific is idiotic.

I`m talking about the word “Impeachment,” it`s not just Democratic nutjobs like Rep. Maxine Waters who are calling for Trump`s impeachment, even level-headed Republicans are bandying about the weighty word.

Impeachment is now in the national zeitgeist, there`s a Web site with almost a million signed onto a petition imploring the Senate to impeach Trump. There`s an “Impeach Trump” Twitter account and late night comics make jokes about Trump being impeached almost every night.

Donald Trump isn`t going to be impeached as long as Republicans control both chambers of Congress, but the impeachment talk is an albatross around Trump`s neck that ensures that his agenda is dead in the water.

Impeachment talk has now hit a fever pitch with the revelation James Comey penned a memo after a Valentine`s Day meeting with Trump in which Comey associates say the president asked him to end the investigation into former national security adviser and noted Russophile Michael Flynn.

Can you say “obstruction of justice”? Can you say “Watergate all over again”? Cay you say “failed presidency”?

I`m praying that Democrats will take control of the Senate in the mid-term elections and impeach the bastard.

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